[Conspiracy] Black Free Thinker Reveals Dark Facts about Obama

note :If you love Barack Obama please brace yourself for these strong statements, and whether you agree or disagree we aim to also give non-mainstream opinions a chance to be heard and vetted on Street Knowledge Media.

I discovered this article by noted black scientist  Phil Valentine who has been around for years and is highly regarded in  international circles for his work in hygenic science and metaphysical health. Mr. Valentine is one of the few black scholars who has not wholly jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon.

He tells a story of secret relationships and dealings concerning Sen. Barack Obama that we the general public are not and never will be privy too. He goes into detail and some of the highlights are below:

via Dr. Phil Valentine Blog

  • -His mother is a JEWISH cousin of vice-president Dick Cheney’s wife Lynne Cheney..
  • -ANYONE purporting to be SERIOUS contenders for the office of the presidency must first pass ‘THE BLOOD TEST’— that is, they must be related in some way to the white ruling hierarchy of the aristocracies of Europe; and;(2) they must be initiated into, and/or have served in some way to maintain the super-structures and forward the agendas of the white supremist New World Order.

  • His birth certificate was curiously sequestered in a high security safety-deposit box in Hawaii, presumably to hide this fact. You see, under the Laws of Halacha and the Siniatic Code (as annotated in the Talmud and represented in Deuteronomy chapter 7 of the Bible), the Doctrine of Matrilineal Descent states that the bloodline of Jewish ancestry is passed on through THE MOTHER! Ergo; if the above facts are true, then technically speaking, Barak Obama is a ‘Halachic Jew’…
  • -Both he and his father Hussein Onyago Obama worked for British Intelligence. His father was the ‘bagman’ for the Kenyatta government’s put-down of Somali rebels (or Shiftas) in 1964, with the campaign coordinated in the field from behind the scenes by British Military advisors…
  • -The so-called “story of his life” was conveniently written and published just before he was brought unto the world stage, where as a FRESHMAN senator he became fast-tracked as the KEYNOTE speaker at the Democratic National Convention; a warm-up debut staged by the CFR, Tri-Lateralists and Bildebergers to “legitimize” him in the eyes of white America for his current and ‘surprising’ run at the presidency…
  • Full story here

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