Contest: Mariah Wants You To Remix Hit Single…

Source: Reuters/Billboard

Tired of the ‘same ole’ remixes from Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri?

Well enter this great contest from Mariah Carey and a new online start up called Indaba Music that puts all you up and coming producers to the test. They have some great opportunities if you win and could possibly vault you in the atmosphere and expose you to working with the top female artist of all-time .

via Reuters/Billboard

Starting July 15, the complete stems of “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time,” from Carey’s Island release, will be made available to the members of Indaba Music, an online community for aspiring and established producers and artists.

“This contest is a way for her to continue being a pioneer in the remix world, potentially finding a new sound, a new power, a new energy in the online space, as opposed to just the go-to producers of the moment.”

The contest involves elements of fan voting, user-generated content and social networking. Entrants must join Indaba by creating a profile and can then download the song stems, work on their mix and submit it via the site by August 26. The Indaba community will pick its 10 favorite mixes via online voting.

Three judges — including Sudack, who co-executive-produced “E=MC2” — will then select the winner. The producer of the winning mix will receive $5,000, be designated as Carey’s No. 1 MySpace friend for four weeks and possibly have his or her work released.

Full story here…

(oh yeah fellas, most likely you will not be getting any alone time with Mariah, Nick will be watching)

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