[video] Yung Berg Recants “Anti-Black Butt” Statements

Yeah, we saw this one coming. Yung Berg was forced to eat his words after appearing on an online radio show and commenting that he doesn’t like “dark butts.” My thing is even if he feels that way, a radio show with “black” women is the last place to express those lopsided feelings. So here he goes, I’m sure after the label called his dumbass and told him to conduct some crisis management, saying he love him some black booty, his mama got one. If sisters continue to go for this disrespect and show support to the same men that dump on them (or take a leak) then what are we to do? I hope they show their displeasure with this clown when his album comes out.
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11 thoughts on “[video] Yung Berg Recants “Anti-Black Butt” Statements

  1. young berg,yung berg or whatever the lame “rapper”name is only put in the spotlight the problems that are in the african american communities and have been for thousands of yrs. african americans need to stop being so ignorant about skin tone.u dont see white ppl being racist against who is tan and who is pale. it goes all the way back to slavery days with light skinned ppl thinking they are better than dark skinned. and the MEDIA is racist when it comes to that also-check out movies,videos,models etc its ridiculous.and i’m light skinned and i see the difference of how i’m treated vs my darker skin family/friends

  2. yung berg is a straigh up pussy talkin about black butts and dark skin ladies like that half the chicks that are darkskin make his damn video’s look good .look at “sexy lady” the dark skin chick is sexxxy as hell and he grindin on her fuck him!..and his mother is darkskin and his dad ant!
    respect dark skin chicks u idiot man

  3. Oops I didn’t mean to refer to Young Berg as Young Buck who is actually is a well known artist.

  4. Ooops I’m sorry that earlier I referred to Young Berg as Young Buck who is a better known artist than this clown.

  5. Young Buck is a disgrace to the black community and we should call the radio stations and request that they stop playing any song that he is remotely associated with. I’m sick of these house niggas thinkin they done made it just because they have a few videos on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and then have the nerve to diss and dismiss their own audience. We should give this BITCH the Busines and kill his hip-hop career.

  6. This is a response to all the gossip and stupid comments regarding Berg’s interview with I believe it was Lip Service. I first would like to let everyone know that I know him personally so don’t get it twisted that I’m a just a fan NOR a groupie just putting something up to be doing it… But for all those who responded on youtube… that look like need to run a mile or two and go on a diet… talking bout he is racist this that and how you mad please take care you yourself a little more and eat healthier, work out a little bit, because I’m sure your beautiful inside and your outside could show that a little more if you took care of yourself a little more. We need to try and make American NOT the number one nation for obesity. Just for starters.

    But let me clear it up… Young Berg… may I say Christian Ward is one of the most respectable men that I have ever met in my life. Seriously, women… listen to his lyrics and too all the women that have met him and those that do know him know for a fact that he’s not a racist. Think about how many times that you have said something in response to someone teasing you or talking shit about you…what you actually do and when you say something back to them you put a little more emphasis on a point than you meant too. Seriously… think about it. He didn’t mean that he was actually racist. And for all of those who listen to the little clip of the interview actually think about how many times you may have said something and people took it out of context and blew it up. From being in high school to college rumors to rumor every single day… how many of those are the solid truth and NOTHING was exaggerated in anyway and nothing was left out. NONE. The interview was blown out of proportion and out of context. Although you can print the actual words that he did say and it seems so horrible, but there is more to that than what was posted on the internet.

    TO be real honest…. The time that I have spent with him, talking to him, and getting to know him…. majority of the conversations have been about the fans and how much he cares about them. So for you guys/women to jump up and flip out on a nigga, well let me be politically correct for those of you that are critiquing every word…. For you women to quickly jump to conclusion of hating this young black entrepreneur over some setup interview is really upsetting to me. I’m so disappointed at all the comments that were posted and said… as if your comment were any nicer or intelligent than the stuff that was supposively so offensive in the first place. I am so upset that I personally can contest that this man stays in the studio day and night… go to clubs and events to mingle with his fans (which most artist don’t even care to take the time to do that) and stays committed to producing hit after hit for people to listen to that his fans would respond like that. I don’t know it may be different for other people to understand how I feel because you haven’t met him and had serious conversations with him on the subject. Imagine meeting someone that all they talk about is how they are happy that they can wake up everyday and work on their dream and create new things that people love everyday, that music is their life and they are thankful to have the ability and opportunity to share their talent and collaborate with others to make great music.

    About the comment about him changing his number all the time to dodge his baby momma, again from this bogus website, I met Berg in September of 07 and that number not once has changed. SO where that came from I don’t know. Females need to learn to stop adding things on to their stories to make it look better for them. A little lie here a little lie there, please grow up. The internet gossip sites are really getting out of control.

    To go into what he did state on the station is that I’m sure that majority of the women that he has dated were not dark skinned. But to be honest I’m NOT a light skinned girl either. Caramel toned, exotic, mixed, but not very light skinned and actual quite a bit darker than him. But on a personal level there are women and men that hate me because I’m not dark…. Because I’m not “really” black, and majority of people that are full African American have teased and made comment to and towards me like “you’re an other” “you’re a mutt” or “you don’t know what you are”. And the thing is I love me… from my sexy face, body, unique look, kinky yet straight long hair (when I straighten it), petite body, all of it regardless of what anyone says. SO females if someone was to really say something and mean it in a negative way about your skin color… you shouldn’t be so offended because you love you regardless of what anyone else things. And for me I get it from all races because I am mixed but the reality of it all is that they are simply jealous that they aren’t what I am. Something I think that God has made me beautiful to show everyone that segregation of races is not what he wants, a mixture and no racism brings beautiful things. And all of me is beautiful from my head to my toes and into my soul, so to the women don’t let your spirits break or your self esteem be hurt by anyone comments about anything but we do need to start taking care of ourselves and showing the world that we are beautiful inside and out.

    Back to his statements….Everyone is talking saying that this is an example of “colorism” but its really not… he is just stating his preference. As all have a preference. Ok the comment that they are “dark butts” was a little foolish, but if people were joking about your complexion and saying things to undermine what you look like you would most likely cut a few comments back to them… honestly… I’m not to sure how many people can say that they wouldn’t have responded without making a cut back at them. But back to the point. Really how different is that from a woman saying “I don’t really do dark niggas” or the whole things people saying that “light-skinned niggas aint in no more.” Yes, its not really right to say things like that but people do. And everyone has their own preference which they are entitled to. But realistically he might not have met many of the fine ass darker skinned women. Dark skinned women are gorgeous… they gotta do it right, be on point, with swagga, good fit, etc… but that’s the same as any woman. That being said, him having a preference for a lighter skinned female will make it a bit harder for a darker skinned female to get at him. But real talk…. If a girl is fine…. she fine regardless of her skin tone and he knows that. If a bad dark-skinned female approached Berg I’m sure that he would not turn her down. He looks for quality women as you can tell from what he says, does, writes, and produces. I can definitely confess that the time that I have spent with this young man I know that he is not racist in anyway, he just simply has a preference as we all do.

    The pool test to be honest I agree with him and any real female will too… If a man doesn’t jump in the pool and come out look even sexy than he was before he got in… with water droplets glissining off his sexy six pack and everything… mmmm… that’s not a good look for him and I definitely… might reconsider some things but seriously its not just looks that decides a relationship… but we’re just saying you want someone that you are attracted to still… after the pool test..… But realistically think about it I’m sure that there are a lot of females with caked on make up, fake eyelashes, and the list goes on… all he was saying is that the water can tell wonders. He doesn’t want a chick that when she get in the pool she come out looking like the swamp thing.. And I don’t blame him. Any real nigga would agree with that statement too. Its just that so many chicks are fake with presenting themselves.. and the pool test is one way to see what chick really look like without the makeup and all the fake stuff there is out there today to make someone look different than they normally do.

    I’m sure that the apology was genuine and that the stupid and petty online website that posted the first links to the interview actual took the interview out of context. I hope that all the ladies accept this apology and I guess then men too, cause some have posted things on the internet in response. It took so long for me to respond because I’m on the grind and working all the time and actually didn’t have time to surf the internet to see the responses to his interview. Trust me my time is much more valuable than to be sitting here typing something to people that I don’t even know but I was just so shocked when I actual was able to view things women said about him, I had to respond.

    Regarding his album release any female that doesn’t buy this album will be missing out. The shit is hot…. I think that any female that doubts his intentions and how he feels about women should listen to the album and think about what he is actually saying in the album….because he doesn’t write his own lyrics, produce songs, and spend every waking moment in the studio for no reason. He’s does it because he cares and want to voice to his fans how he feels through his music. The album is hot anyone that loves music and collaboration of different artist will know what I’m talking about. Just suggesting to women, don’t let some bogus as interview and website break what you feeling when you ,listen to his music. Seriously if you are considering boycotting someone or something I think that you should consider boycotting artist that produce songs and write lyrics that degrade females and refer to them only as gutter bitches, hoes, bitches, sideline hoes, groupies, etc. Clearly if you listen to his lyrics he’s not staying any of that, its quite the opposite. For all the real ass girls and fans out there I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about and will support him cause I don’t know any other 22 year old black male that is one the grind, staying positive, keeping God first, staying focused, and caring so much about his fans like he does. Please don’t let something so petty and false change your mind about him. I love him to death and I’m sure you do too… AND to be honest I didn’t know who he was when I met him but from the time that we have spent together… I can say that he truly cares about his fans and really want to make all of you regardless of skin color, gender, ethnicity or whatever you want to classify yourself as happy. That is why he works so hard.

  7. i think yung berg is entitled his own opinion but i do think he should have phrased it differently

  8. i think ykung berg is entitled his own opinion but i do think he should have phrased it differently

  9. ha young berg u trip dog them same chick u dissin was the ones bumpin ya music you gets no respect from me

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