ALIFE X NaS Collaborative Tee & Lighter

Note: I had to fight through hell & highwater to get mine (they was trying to convince brothers that mediums and smalls was a good look) but god is good.  Shout out to Shari for pulling SKM in.

via Hypebeast

To commemorate the release of NaS’ new album on Tuesday, July 15th 2008, ALIFE has come together with the rapper himself to produce a wicked collaborative T-shirt and lighter set. Here’s the catch, only 100 packs of these have been made, and sold exclusively at ALIFE NYC on the day the album is released. For more details on the drop, visit

2 thoughts on “ALIFE X NaS Collaborative Tee & Lighter

  1. Damn, sucks! They are only releasing this pack in N.Y., well I guess like everything else…I really just want the lighter to be honest!

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