Rikers Guard Accused of Having Sex W/ Cop Killer

Source: NY Daily News

It is so ironic that this story would come out when a certain Miami rapper is being accused of being a corrections officer. Goes to show you that a job title means nothing and that there are corrupt people in all facets of authority and government. Anyway check out this unbelievable story :

A secret midnight stroll to the Rikers Island shower room with an accused cop killer will land a jail guard on the wrong side of the bars, sources said.

Kadessha Mulgrav is under investigation for possibly having sex with Lee Woods, who is charged with killing Russel Timoshenko a year ago.

Accused cop killer Lee Woods
Accused cop killer Lee Woods

The 34-year-old correction officer is also suspected of slipping Woods a handcuff key and a SIM card for a cell phone, sources told the Daily News Saturday.

Mulgrav, of Springfield Gardens, denied having sex with Woods, 29, or giving him the handcuff key, but had no answer for why she took a high-security prisoner into the showers alone after hours, sources said.

Full story here..

note: If this chick is guilty she definetly will fry, and there will be swift action to give her a bunch of jail time. Love is Blind.

7 thoughts on “Rikers Guard Accused of Having Sex W/ Cop Killer

  1. this lady still has her job.she sued the city and won. their was never a tape because it didn’t happen .if it was a tape then u stupid mothers fuckers would have seen it by now

  2. This makes me sick. I’m just completely upset with this woman. Is it that damn bad? Really? You have to take an accused killer to the showers after hours to have sex? Its funny she’s able to deny the key and the sim card but no answer for what security cameras caught. Let’s just say this man was to escape and kill again then what? Lock her ass up. I’ve seen the photo of her talking on her cell phone like she doesn’t give a hot damn.

  3. The officer is a skid the crook was in cpsu lockdown 23 hrs a day. The showers are conducted on the day tour not on the midnight tour. That explains why she had no answer to why she was caught on camera trekking the crook to the bathroom.

  4. I grew up w/ Kadessha. My family lives across the street from her. I know her children, her parents, her husband…I’m totally shocked b/c this isn’t the same person that I knew. I haven’t spoken to her in about 3-4 years. You know people change…but dang. I pray that it’s not true and I pray for her children, especially.

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