Woman Gets Beat Down for Sporting Anti-Obama T-Shirt

via Livesteez

A 25-year-old New York City graduate student is threatening to sue a T-Shirt designer after being assaulted for wearing one of his designs.

The woman bought a $69 shirt from Apollo Braun’s Manhattan boutique that bore the words, “Obama is my slave.” When she wore the shirt on Tuesday, four teenage girls accosted her – shoving her, pulling out her earphones, and spitting in her face, according to the New York edition of Metro News.

The unnamed woman is reportedly seeking solace by suing Braun – born Doron Braunshtein – for “all he’s got,” the designer claims. He, of course, is shirking any responsibility for the incident and says that the shirt reflects the views of “ordinary WASPs.”

“For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president,” the Israeli-born designer said.

“I can’t stand Obama,” Braun says, but claims that it’s not because the candidate is black. “That’s the only thing I like about him. He opens the door for other minorities.”

“He reminds me of Adolf Hitler,” Braun explained, adding he does not like the Illinois senator because “he is a Muslim” — a myth that Obama apparently cannot escape.

The designer has sold several other anti-Obama styles from his boutique, including shirts with slogans such as “Jews Against Obama,” “Obama = Hitler” and “Who Killed Obama?”

37 thoughts on “Woman Gets Beat Down for Sporting Anti-Obama T-Shirt

  1. that stupid slag who bought that shirt should get snaked!!!!

    Braaaaaaaaaaaap Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaap !!!!!11!

  2. WTF! Why would you ever buy that shirt anyways!
    Stupid girl.
    This girl coud of got killed and i wouldnt care at all.
    Got what she deserved!
    Well, Doesnt matter anyways. Obama won. =D
    Obama ❤

  3. to think people are still so fucking ignorant amazes me.
    she got what she deserved.
    white trash like her couldnt even own a slave

  4. She Obviously Deserved It.. Don’t Look For The Person Who Sold It To You, He Did’t Force You To Buy Or Wear It.. You Want To Advertise Racism Go Ahead And See What You Get In Return.. Good Job I Dare You To Wear It Again…

  5. It is so funny that those who probably beat this woman up listen to music which contains violent lyrics and anti-white sentiment. Yet these animals get away with it because it is hip to hate whites.

    Those crying racism the hardest are usually the biggest racists on the planet. Look at prime low-lifes like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the darkest of evils Louis Farrakahn.


  6. First of all to have paid the amount she did was ignorant and second no one not even the designer/store forced her to wear it so therefore this must be something she wanted to represent.

  7. What a quintisentially story for modern American society. It has it all–belligerent pride in ignorance, racism, violence, and entitlement to one’s opinion, no matter how obnoxious! No guns though

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