[OP-ED] Aides To Obamaniacs: ‘He Cannot Perform Miracles’

via Tim Shipman in Washington

Barack Obama feels like he is carrying the hopes and dreams of people around the world on his shoulders –a burden his aides believe has created unrealistic expectations of what he can achieve if he becomes the first black president.


Whether we like it or not, it has been extremely hard for anyone with a pulse not to get caught up in Obamania. Politicans,pundits, and Hollywood also have all been swept up in this wave of support for Senator Obama.

My partner P Moor and I saw this Obamania first hand in August 07′, when Senator Obama came here(NYC)to make a speech at a campaign fundraiser at a downtown hotel. He gave an inspiring and fantastic speech.

People of all ages,races and ethnicities were electrified and just could not get enough of the Senator(one senior even asked to stand on my chair so she could get a glimpse of Obama as he shook hands).

It was something I had never witnessed outside of some music or movie star getting mobbed by fans after a concert or movie premiere. But this was all too different,because it was not some put together artist with a slick look and a hot song, it was somebody whose disciples looked to as a ‘savior’ and were willing to put their full faith into him a the drop of a dime.

We all might have to just take a step back and realize that Senator Obama ‘cannot walk on water’ and the expectations we have put on him may just be a wee bit little lofty or even unrealistic. It is a reality that people love this man around the world and his recent trips outside of the U.S. seem to reaffirm that fact even more.

But Obama’s aides want to ramp down expectations that he will be able to magically ‘perform miracles’ if he wins and gets in office. Everyone including me, collectively might need a bit Obama withdrawal.

Below I have patched some excerpts of a article which articulates some of the stuff I mentioned that should qualify as a ‘shot of reality’ to Obamaniacs worldwide:

With Obamania hitting Britain, Europe and the Middle East when he visits this week, one of his most senior aides told The Sunday Telegraph that the Democratic presidential candidate is very conscious of the rapturous reception that may await him.

Greg Craig, one Mr Obama’s inner circle of foreign policy advisers travelling with him, described the scale of infatuation for Mr Obama in Europe, which has seen him compared to John F. Kennedy, as “amazing”.

But he added: “He is very conscious of it. He knows he has become a vehicle for peoples’ hopes and dreams and expectations and we all fear that such expectations tend to be unrealistic.”

Full story [here]

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