WTF!!? Inmate Drops Pounds, Slides Through Jail Vent…

Some old redneck correction officer has got to get fired for this one. Probably was sleeping after some pork chops and beer and let this guy slip away. Story sounds like bullsh*t anyway. You decide if the redneck gets the axe. Check out this story below:

Somebody decided to eat out tonight.

Somebody decided to eat out tonight.

via Jerry Yang

HEMPSTEAD, Texas – A man charged with murder escaped from jail early Saturday by climbing through an air conditioner vent, authorities said.The vent was less than a foot wide, and authorities said Darryl Layne Norris had been losing weight since arriving at the Waller County Jail in April.

“We just found out he’s been slimming down a lot recently,” Waller County Sheriff Randy Smith said.

The jail noticed the 6-foot, 160-pound man was missing after performing a routine head count.

Norris, 26, and another man are charged with murder in connection with an April 17 convenience store robbery. Smith did not know if Norris was armed but considered him dangerous.

“He could be anywhere right now,” Smith said. “We just don’t know.”

The Texas Rangers were assisting, Smith said. Hempstead is about 50 miles northwest of Houston

Sound Off!!

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