NFL’s Sunday Night Football Moves To The Web Thanks To NBC Agreement

Finally. We bloggers that also love sports can have the best of both worlds.

via Reuters

The National Football League has been more than a little slow in moving into the internet world. But according to the LA Times, that move is finally about to happen. Starting September 4, when the Washington Redskins play the New York Giants, the NBC network will broadcast their television feed on their website and that of the NFL. That game happens to fall on a Thursday, but after that all of NBC’s Sunday Night Football games will be streamed over the web, complemented by blogs, highlight clips and other interactive features.

The NFL receives about $3.7 billion per year in fees from networks for exclusive rights to broadcasts and this has been the main reason the football league hasn’t gone digital in the past. With that kind of money exchanging hands, the NFL has been fearful of ticking off their broadcast partners and losing valuable television time. The project will run as a “one year experiment” for the time being.

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