Police Cars to run on McDonalds left over cooking oil..

McDonalds to power Manila\'s police cars

McDonalds to power Manila's police cars

I actually saw this being done by a former weatherman in NYC, but he stated the only drawback is that you smell like ‘a ton of french fries’ rolling down the block.

via Breibart

Police in Manila are looking to convert their patrol cars to run on a mixture of diesel and used cooking oil from McDonald’s, officials and the company said Tuesday.
With oil prices at crippling highs, the project would convert cars in the Makati financial district to run on a mix of 40 percent diesel and 60 percent cooking oil, its police chief Senior Superintendent Gilbert Cruz said.

Used cooking oil will be donated by Makati outlets of the hamburger giant, said McDonalds franchising manager Buth Salaya.

Other restaurants are also considering donating their used cooking oil as well, Cruz said.

One police car has been converted to use the diesel/cooking oil mixture and is already in use, and the government is studying how viable it is to convert more vehicles.

“It’s a win-win situation for us because we will both benefit,” Cruz said. “The cooking oil of their Makati stores will be re-used and the Makati police will use it as a component for their biodiesel and also save money.”

The head of police forces in the capital Manila, Geary Barias, said that if the project is successful, he may recommend it being adopted by police forces across the Philippines.

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