?uestlove Nike Air Force Ones

Source: Hypebeast
These days having your own sneaker is commonplace in the world of Hip Hop. It seems Nike has a monopoly on this thus all other sneaker brands are left behind when it comes to exclusivity. Nike we are ready for our SKM signature dunks so just holler when you guys are ready!!

via Hypebeast

This weekend was the release of the long anticipated ?uestlove Nike Air Force Ones. The night before the actual release plenty of shoe fiends camped overnight at the location to guarantee themselves a pair, and of course to be the first ones to flaunt them off to their buddies.

Celebrity friend Bun B from UGK even showed up to support and took the time out to mingle with the dedicated shoe heads. ?uestlove was very generous in making sure his supporters were very comfortable, throughout the day he had brought them 17 boxes of pizza as well as bottled water and even signed autographs and took pictures.

?uestlove was actually the first person to technically purchase his show. The first 5 customers in line got their pair free courtesy of the man himself.

Source: My Oasis

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