Update: Eva Mendes Naked In Banned Calvin Klein Ad

Source : Latina, Huffington Post

Update: We have been watching this story for almost a year now. No longer do we have the steamy video, it has been blocked by NBC, so the best we can do is present to you the newly leaked pics of her Fall 2009 campaign for Calvin Klein.

Picture 180Picture 178

Eva Mendes got a little too hot for TV with her last advertisement for famed fashion house Calvin Klein, and this time around she’s still not holding back! In the first set of ads (seen below) Mendes struts her stuff with studly model Jamie Dornan and more than holds her own while rocking the brand’s signature jeans.

Eva Mendes is the hottest woman on the planet...

Eva Mendes is the hottest woman on the planet...

She never ceases to amaze with her willingness to push the envelope. We would not change a thing over here at Street Knowledge. God bless Eva.

72 thoughts on “Update: Eva Mendes Naked In Banned Calvin Klein Ad

  1. #

    “why does EVERYTHING have to be about sex???? Thank God we’re not Europe.”

    No you’d rather be a taseless redneck moron. I live in the US. I thank god that I don’t have to be like you living here.

    Anonymous said this on August 6, 2008 at 8:38 am

    What the hell do we care? This ain’t Europe. This is why americans brain is so malnourished and empty

    realist said this on August 6, 2008 at 7:40 am

    you guys are both fucking dumbasses …. wtf just shut the fuck up and enjoy that beautifull lady ….you damn bitch

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  3. it was sexy not in the way that made me like turned on it just made me feel excited not like that though and made me want to keep watching her and buy whatever she was selling what was it btw something like perfume

  4. Luv the pic, I agree Eva blows my mind! It’s sad America has to keep its sexuality behind closed doors. Thank you Internet! Eva on demand. Or is this media savy to hip Calvin Klein. Nah! probably not.

  5. Interesting commercial. Looks good. CK is always pushing buttons. Anything goes these days to $ell, $ell, $ell. I don’t see the big deal-maybe it is because i am open minded, or just because i have seen it all already..lol There are worse things to worry about than a lil nipple here and there.

  6. Women are more repressed now than 100 years ago, in a different sort of way. All you perverted bastards who claim that women who call Eva a naked whore because they are fat and jealous are not helping the situation. Sickos like all of you send the message to the world’s women: “IF YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE EVA MENDES AND DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE GETTING NAKED, YOU ARE NOT WORTH CRAP! HIT THE GYM AND LET ME RAPE YOU!” What happened to respect for females?

  7. My goodness, we are a nation of prudes. There is nothing wrong with this commercial. Sad thing is, folks in the military who have been stationed in other countries often talk with pride about the openness of other countries when it comes to nudity and sex. Then, when they get back home they change their tune to accomodate those here in this country, doing the hypocrite thing. My point: Many of these same people who put this commercial down would be saying it was a great commercial if they moved to another country that not only tolerated these types of commercials, but protected a country’s right to be human and enjoy them.

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  9. I don’t want to see the video. I don’t know who this Eva person is, but it’s terrible you people would say that this is a good thing. Women need to have a sense of MODESTY.

  10. I don’t think my previous post went through, so forgive me if this is a repetition. I just want to say that it is terrible that you act like this is a good thing, this Eva woman (who I never heard of), flaunting her body. This sets a terrible example!

  11. First of all, I never even heard of this Eva woman, and secondly, it is terrible that you act like this is a good thing, saying God bless her and all that. A woman needs to have a sense of modesty! When women flaunt their bodies, it sets us back 100 years. Would you want your girl friend or wife or daughter or mother to behave that way? You are setting a terrible example by promoting this and making it look like what this Eva woman is doing is a good thing.

  12. what’s up with you americans? for half a second you can forebode a small piece of a nipple. And thats too hot? HaHa So what’s not too hot? women in bearskins?? Not only europe, just the whole planet laughes about your ridiculous discussion ! ! you all just paper over the cracks. gather yourselves and start thinking about your arms and war politics. Altercate with world history and stop your schizophrenic morality. That’s the european opinion!

  13. stop hatin!!!! she aint hurting no one and shes a beautiful, talented, smart, hot woman. Let her do her thing and stop buggin, dam people got nothin better to do than to sit and talk shit about a woman that has more money and talent than theyll ever see in their entire lives. Back off!! Grow Up!!! Stop Hatin!!! And get a dam life, for real!!!!

  14. Gota Love a woman like this….Young, Hot in Control of whats she is doing with her career…If people dont like this ad or Eva, they are just pissed off at all kinds of things….so dont mean a dam thing…Eva is Rocking this ad….and if you have a problem with it, close the fricking page and move on down the line, wimp..

  15. Are you guys dumb, there is nipple!

    Her left nipple shows when she is rolling and covering her right one.

  16. AMEN! But don’t forget Obama. Either President will be bad. McCain and Obama will continue the sexually repressed moronic theme.

  17. Hot! I agree with those previous comments. Americans are sexually repressed morons who only care about NASCAR, guns, and religion. Which is why that moron is in the White House and our economy is in the toilet because of him. McCain is more of the same and I’m sure you idiots can’t wait to vote for him so he can finish the great job Bush is doing.

    Free your minds and go get laid!

  18. [quote] Just another dumb whore selling her body because she has no talent elsewhere [/quote]

    Wow, you are a complete bitch! You are just mad because you know you could never get away with it. PUT DOWN THE FORK! Don’t get mad at some hot chick because she’s attractive and you have more rolls thatn the Goodyear guy. I give her all the props in the world. She is so comfortable with herself that she is posing nude for the entire world.

    Jealous ass. She’s not dumb, Eva is actually pretty smart. And why does every fat/fugly chick call hot women who get naked whores? She’s just a model/actress who gets naked. I guarantee that if you were skinny and modeled and someone called you a whore, you’d have a different attitude.

  19. Eva is friggin HOT!!

    To everyone that says, “Oh, why does everything have to be about sex?” Why? Because that’s how we were made. It is the most primal of insticts, reproduction. Sex the the main driving force in the world. Every war boils down to ego. No question. But why to we want to be the best? To reproduce. You can’t agrue with genetics. Sex is what moves the world.

    So those of you that have to ask, GET SOME!!! Then you won’t wonder why it has to be about sex.

    Oh and America sucks Monkey-Balls. Incredibly dumb people with the illusion that they are the best. Democracy does not exist and neither do your brains. And, before you ask, I am American, born and raised. I’m just an exception to the “Patriot” gene that makes the rest of you so dumb.

  20. I’m not an Eva fan (in the hispanic milieu, I find Leonore Varela more appealing), but, as an American having lived in Sweden, Canada and France, I will say that the Europeans know how to live life and the Americans are absolutely clueless. Look at whom we elect President . . .

  21. Damn all the women are so pissed off because of Eva’s commercial talking crap about Europe, saying to much sex this and that etc etc. Maybe what you guys need to do is hit that gim so you can be attractive to your husbands or bf’s instead of eating pizza and burguers all damnn day getting fat like a whale maybe then you wouldnt be complaining about this commercial.

  22. Eva is a damn good lookin woman as fine as they get i reckon.I think i’m a gonna go down to San Antonio this weekend and pick me up one like her.

  23. Come on guys i had seen nothing on the dumb screen.
    Is that what you call sexy?

    Is that wha you call SEX?!@#$%&%*(%^)^)^*

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  25. “why does EVERYTHING have to be about sex???? Thank God we’re not Europe.”

    No you’d rather be a taseless redneck moron. I live in the US. I thank god that I don’t have to be like you living here.

  26. What the hell do we care? This ain’t Europe. This is why americans brain is so malnourished and empty

  27. About time! The US is so far behind Europe with tasteful sexyness but not sleazy commercials. Very sexy!

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