The Curse of The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Damn, don’t you love a good ritual? Now, before you accuse us of going off the dead-end, please understand that this analysis is substantiated by research and all that is required is for you to do the research on your own.  Now we’ve previously reported on Christian Bale‘s denial that there was a curse that was following The Dark Knight, all this prior to him being arrested the weekend of the release of what some are calling potentially the biggest release of ALL time (Titanic is sitting lovely though with $600 million under its belt).  With a rash of beheadings being attributed to Joker symbolism (Heath Ledger brandishes the “Joker” tarot card which has the Joker brandishing a severed head), the untimely accident involving Morgan Freeman and  a renewed  interest of the circumstances surrounded the death of Heath Ledger, bloggers are running wild with speculation.  Now. much attention is being paid to what is being termed, The Curse of The Dark Knight.

Sound Off!!

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