Usher says ‘Momma Knows Best’ brings her back as manager…

Reports had surfaced months ago of this when it was said Usher was steaming mad that his latest album only sold in the 400,000 range whereas his last album sold a million plus. Well it seems the rumors once again proved to be true and Ursher has put Mom back in the fold as his manager. Does this spell doom for his much publicized marriage?

via Yahoo

NEW YORK – Usher‘s mother is back as his manager following a much publicized split. The 29-year-old superstar announced Thursday that he has ended his partnership with celebrity manager Benny Medina, whose clients include Mariah Carey, and has rehired Jonnetta Patton.

Patton had managed her son’s career since he was a teen star. But the multiplatinum performer broke with his mother in 2007, saying he just wanted her to focus on being his mom.


2 thoughts on “Usher says ‘Momma Knows Best’ brings her back as manager…

  1. His mother has been a his manager from the jump and he has always been on the top of his game. maybe he had to learn the hard way… if it aint broke, dont try to fix it. Looking at it from another point of view, maybe usher aint the man anymore. he is no longer the hotest thing on the charts, we will see.

  2. This is what happens when you try to do things your way. He had no business firing him MOM no matter what. I just glad he brought her back

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