Egypt to DNA test Tutankhamun’s ‘children’

I got some brothers on 125th street in Harlem ready to dispute these claims pronto!

The mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun

The mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun

via Breitbart

Egypt is to carry out DNA tests on the mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun to determine if they were the children of the boy king, antiquities authorities said on Thursday.The bodies of the two still-born children were found in 1922 in the tomb of Tutankhamun in the ancient Nile city of Luxor by British explorer Howard Carter and have since been stored at the University of Cairo.

Egypt’s antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said the tests will determine whether the foetuses were the offspring of Tutankhamun and his wife Ankhesenpamon, daughter of Nefertiti, who was renowned as one of history’s great beauties.

“It is thought that the tiny bodies may be those of the young king’s stillborn children,” said a statement from Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.

“The study aims at identifying the lineage and the family of king Tutankhamun, particularly his parents. The DNA test and the CT scan may also help to identify the foetuses’ mother,” Hawass said.

He said the results of the studies would also help in identifying the mummy of queen Nefertiti.

Mystery still surrounds the identities of Tutankhamun’s own parents — while his father is known to be the Pharoah Akhenaton, his mother remains unknown.

Some believe her to have been Nefertiti, the first wife of Akhenaton who is remembered for having converted his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of one sun god, Aton.

His mother could also have been Akhenaton’s second wife, the foreign princess Kiya, or Maya, Tutankhamun’s childhood nurse.

The antiquities council statement said all royal mummies will be CT scanned for identification and that samples from several unknown female mummies found at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have been taken for DNA testing.

The supposed face of King Tutankhamun

The supposed face of King Tutankhamun

“All of the results will be compared with each other, along with those of the mummy of the boy king Tutankhamun, which was CT scanned in 2005,” it said.

The boy king’s death more than 3,00 years ago remains the subject of dispute among historians, with some believing he died when an injury to a leg turned to gangrene, others that he was murdered with a blow to the head.

Last year, the true face of Tutankhamun, who was proclaimed pharaoh at the age of nine, was revealed to the public for the first time since he died at just 19 as the 12th and last pharaoh of the 18th dynasty.

The pharaoh’s mummy was moved in November from its ornate sarcophagus in the tomb, where its 1922 discovery in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings caused an international sensation, to a climate-controlled case where experts say it will be better preserved.

4 thoughts on “Egypt to DNA test Tutankhamun’s ‘children’

  1. To Lilbaby…
    I do not understand your question .. Ultrasound ?
    I thought we were discussing the Ancient Dna of Tutankhamun ?
    I am a Nubian-Egyptian American, I was born in BX, Ny
    I took a dna test of my Mother’s mtDNa and my Father’s Y-chromosomes.
    They both yield the results of Nubian-Egyptian (mtDna L2a1 Y-chromo M2/E3a)
    I am recognized is the USA as a Nubian-Egyptian American with valid U.S. Passport

    showing my Ethnic origin as Nubian-Egyptian.. see blog:

  2. to billy… have you ever seen an ultrasound, my friend? or for that matter, a newborn? i have two gorgeous daughters, but had they been premature, they would have looked exactly the same…

  3. A true and sincere report of DNA scanning should be shared with public to know exact parents as the features of stillborn children do not match any know human on earth. Was this an experiment with Aliens went bad? King died at an early age of 19 with no clue how! Was mother pregnant after king’s death?
    There are lot many questions to be answered then just clapping for cutting the mummies apart.

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