[Exclusive] Rapper Yung Berg arrested in NYC


This is definitely something that rapper Yung Berg does need not at this moment. With a top ten single and a great career ahead of him despite some of his recent controversies, he is also set to release his debut album “Look What You Made Me” in stores on August 12th.

Details are still sketchy but it seems that Yung Berg was arrested last night after a long studio session and an exclusive interview with Street Knowledge TV.

The exclusive interview was conducted with Berg in good spirits and him stating that he was truly sorry for his ‘dark butt’ comments  and that he was secure enough to admit he made a mistake and ready to move on. He spoke on a bunch of other things that will be released in the exclusive interview from Street Knowledge TV.

Currently waiting to see a judge Yung Berg will release an official statement when he is released.


The Business ft Casha after the cut..


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