Documents Pop Up Listing Obama as “Muslim,” and “Indonesian” Citizen

I’ve tried my best to steer clear of these internet “smear” campaigns being lodged against the Illinois Senator vying to be your next president but I couldn’t ignore this post simply for the reason that as soon as I logged into wordpress and I was reading the stats my cursor mysteriously made its way over to this story and clicked on it. So I’m like, lemme follow down the rabbit hole and see where it goes. It linked me to another wordpress site that claims to have uncovered some startling info. They are allegedly saying they have in their possession some documents from Indonesia that list Sen. Obama as “MUSLIM” and reference him as an Indonesian citizen. To top it all off he is listed as “BARRY SOETORO,” the surname of his stepfather. Now, normally I wouldn’t run with this but its obvious the Republicans will be using this as ammo to accuse Obama of being ineligible for the candidacy so I might as well give our readers the heads up. Plus, Obama must have foreseen this smear campaign because he set up a site to combat it months back, do the knowledge:

The AP caption reads: “This registration document, made available on Jan. 24, 2007, by the Fransiskus Assisi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, shows the registration of Barack Obama under the name Barry Soetoro into the Catholic school made by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro. The document lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen, born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, and shows his Muslim step-father listed the boy’s religion as Islam. (AP Photo/ Tatan Syuflana)”

5 thoughts on “Documents Pop Up Listing Obama as “Muslim,” and “Indonesian” Citizen

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  2. Obama got his papers on 9-4-08 at 1 pm. The DNC got their papers at 12 pm on 9-04-08 at 12 pm.-AND the FEC HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN THEIR LAWSUIT PAPERS.The Us Attorney Generals office accepted service on behalf of the FEC on 8-22-08.
    Now it goes to court.If they prove that his name is Soetoro he has committed a fenely by not listing all his names.Obama-Dunham-Soetoro.It will also be a felony if its not listed on the presdient papers you fill out to run for office.

  3. I don’t know many have you have actually lived and worked overseas, but I have and I can tell you, if I had to be accountable for the accuracy of every document with my name on it in Asia… well… if you’ve ever traveled to South East Asia, you’d know what I’m talking about. Especially back then, under the Suharto dictatorship. Red tape is so overwhelming that you write whatever will get through it. His step-dad was with him, he was an Indonesian citizen with the last name Soetoro, he was Muslim. All of these things made it easier to simply write the same things for Barak than to try to explain the entire situation to some bureaucrat in a South-east Asian country where people had very little experience with the concept of divorce and mixed religious marriages. I’d have done the same thing. I don’t see any mystery here.

  4. BRING HILLARY BACK!!!!! McCAIN scares me and I WONT vote for someone who tells so many lies (B.H.Obama) about..uh basic knowledge we all know WHO WE ARE!!! My only recourse is to write in the name H.R. Clinton! (not that my vote counts anyways because I live in Florida) Be smart democrats and kick this liar back to his “HOMELAND” and give the nomination to Hillary who is the ONLY one that deserves it. He lies about his dad living the “American dream” His father impregnated Obama’s unwed mother and ditched her as soon as an American University agreed to educate him. Then did he go back and help raise his BASTARD child? No! he took the wonderful education he received in our great land and then took his educated self back to his homeland. McCain scares me not on what he does and says but, how long was he a POW? Don’t they brainwash POW’S YES THEY DO!!! Is his political ambitions based in that brainwashing he surely received? Open our eyes America and ask these questions to yourself and to BOTH political parties. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?
    Concerned and Scared in(of?) America

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