Jermaine Dupri Closes Cafe Dupri in ATL Amidst Economy Woes

via Yo! Raps

After three years doing business in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Jermaine Dupri’s Cafe Dupri has closed it’s doors “indefinitely.”

According to reports, Dupri cites  the poor US economy as the reason the business failed to thrive.

“The economy has changed dramatically and people just aren’t eating out as much anymore,” Dupri said. “People are cutting back everywhere and a lot of companies, including Cafe Dupri are feeling the affect. For the past two months business at the Cafe has been down and if the business isn’t making money, I feel it’s a smart move to shut it down. Bottom line: if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.”

Former employees of the health conscious establishment, however, are claiming Dupri‘s alleged lack of payment for their work is what doesn’t make sense.

The workers told WSB-TV that they showed up to work last week and were greeted by a sign in the door that read, “thanks for patronizing Cafe Dupri. We have closed indefinitely.”

According to the employees, Cecelia Maudlin, (Jermaine‘s mother and CEO of Cafe Dupri) issued several notices saying their payroll funds were not available.

One of the notices, dated August 11, told workers to go to “a Sun Trust bank and cash your check. The cash flow will not be in the bank until Tuesday after 12. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

WSB-TV reported the worker’s checks have been bouncing for weeks now, so much so that some of the local check cashing places are refusing them.

When questioned about the allegations, Maudlin claimed the workers had been paid and that Cafe Dupri’s closure was a business decision.

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