One thought on “[video] Hillary Praises Obama as Her ‘Candidate’


    Limbaugh and Lieberman, Mitt and McCain

    Rove, Bush and Cheney and red acid rain

    Stealing and lying and cheating and pain

    We can’t let all of it happen again

    The Republican Party brings more of the same

    Voting against your best interest – a shame

    So many confused about who is to blame

    Honesty, dignity now ours to claim

    Obama and Biden will bring us the light

    Out from the ashes and out from the night

    Out from the poverty, hatred and blight

    Out with the dumb and in with the bright

    Rise up and remember how we were abused

    Eight years of being exploited and used

    Eight years of liberty marred and confused

    Eight years of liberty beaten and bruised

    Time to rise up and take back our great land

    Time for this nation to take a new stand

    Time for a leader who will understand

    Obama and Biden, the AMERICAN BRAND!

    By CG Galen

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