[video] WTF!!? Americas Top Model uses Transgender Man For Ratings Stunt?

That is all I can say about this move on the part of the producers behind Americas Top Model. This is probably going to be their worst season ever because they are tampering with the essence of the show.
Throwing in a transgender wild card to spark ratings is cruel to an average guy like me who loved to see a bunch of pretty women albeit skinny, strutting their stuff with virtually nothing on. Tyra Banks is still sexy but now has morphed into the Anti-Christ!!

I want all our loyal readers to stop this madness and bring back 100 % per cent vagina to ATM.

via Huffington Post

“America’s Next Top Model” gets underway featuring the show’s first transgender model/contestant Isis, who was born a man but will compete as a woman. The show debuts Wednesday September 3 on The CW, but the network has posted interviews with the contestants on YouTube.

Isis talks about what makes her special and her excitement to compete in hers.

“I think I bring a lot to this competition that might give me an advantage… I’m saying, I really want this… I think I’m creative and unique”

6 thoughts on “[video] WTF!!? Americas Top Model uses Transgender Man For Ratings Stunt?

  1. Does somebody have a penis size problem? A _little_ difficulty with his masculinity?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Personally, I think it’s great because transgendered people have always been marginalized. This could be a chance to take them out of the margin and place them in the circle like the more mainstream (though not necessarily accepted) lifestyles. This is a great first step and I fully support it.

  3. Hey Streetknowledge:

    I’m not trying to pick on you. I just happened upon your post through the tag surfer on WP, and felt the need to chime in.

    You said: “If there was a model show that was all transgender all hell would break loose if a real woman was added to the cast!!!”

    I agree with Dr. Weiss. For that matter, I’d like to point out the distinction you make between a “real” woman and the transgender woman, Isis, who’s appearing on ANTM this season. What makes her any less real than any of the other models on that show? She identifies and lives as a woman. They identify and live as women. I, personally, see no distinction between the two.

    Unless you’re planning to draw the line at whatever equipment you’re born with as the end all be all of gender, the distinction you’ve pointed out just doesn’t seem that logical or relevant.

    And for that matter – what about those individuals born intersex? Should they never be considered men or women, because some of them were determined to be born of “indeterminate gender”? Although I don’t agree with doctors surgically assigning babies born intersex to one gender or another, the medical establishment certainly would disagree with you if you tried to suggest that these people could never be men or women.

    Since you like watching women (or biological vaginas, since that’s really more what it seems to be about given your potential problems with Isis), I’d suggest you kick back this season and watch the women – including Isis. She’s just as female as anyone else.

  4. Hey Doc,

    Thanks for the comment but do you really think this was done for anything else but ratings and the eventual clash that will happen on the show when one of the models calls out the transgender male/female for not being a true woman?

    Sounds like a train wreck, and no offense but I just like to see women on a show that is supposed to about women.

    If there was a model show that was all transgender all hell would break loose if a real woman was added to the cast!!!

  5. Isis is not a transgender man. She is a transgender woman. And I think she’ll be just great. There’ll still be plenty of other women on the show. One transgender person isn’t going to ruin the whole show.

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