[video] FreeCreditReport.com’s New Rap Ad

Don’t know if I like this one as much as the others, but after seeing it a couple of hundred times on cable that might change.

via Huffington Post
FreeCreditReport.com has finally unveiled a new ad. The previous ads, songs about marrying a girl with bad credit, being forced to work as pirate in a restaurant, and having to buy a used subcompact car, have played repeatedly and is invariably in the head of anyone who sees it for hours later.

One thought on “[video] FreeCreditReport.com’s New Rap Ad

  1. FreeCreditReport.com will be having a video contest on YouTube later this summer for those brave and talented enough to video themselves singing any of the freecredit songs. Although details have not been released, winners of the contest stand to have their credit cards paid off or win cash prizes. Please check out this blog for more information: http://www.behind.freecreditsong.com/

    Have fun with it!



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