High Gas Prices Drive Down Traffic Fatalities

WASHINGTON (AP) — Roll back the clock to 1961: John F. Kennedy was inaugurated president. The Peace Corps was founded. The Dow Jones industrials hit 734. Gasoline reached 31 cents a gallon.

And the number of people killed in U.S. traffic accidents that year topped 36,200.

This year, gasoline climbed over $4 a gallon, and the traffic death toll — according to one study — appears headed to the lowest levels since Kennedy moved into the White House.

The number is being pulled down by a change in Americans’ driving habits, which is fueled largely by record high gasoline prices, according to the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan. Continue reading

[video] Spragga Benz Dedication to Slain Son…”Sleep With Angels”

STREET KNOWLEDGE TV would like to send its condolences to the family of Spagga Benz due to their untimely and tragic lost.

via SmartenUpNas

“17 year old Carlton Grant Jr. more popularly known as ‘Carlie’ or ‘Little Wayne’ from the movie (Shottas), son of veteran dance hall artiste Spragga Benz (Carlton Grant Sr.) was killed by the Police in Downtown Kingston Jamaica early Sunday morning(8-24-08).He had a very bright future ahead of him being the recipient of five subject passes in the recent CXC examinations.

On behalf of all your family,friends,fans, and especially your father, we say ………………..

” Sleep With Angels ”

Red Square Productions

Afrikan Vybz Enterprise” – salutes mi bredrin AFRICAN KID

Young Jeezy Speaks on Swimming Phenom, Michael Phelps

via Rolling Stone

Michael Phelps’ run at the Olympics — eight gold medals, seven broken world records — is unprecedented, and according to Phelps he couldn’t have done it without Young Jeezy. Phelps typically listened to the Jeezy/R. Kelly collaboration “Go Getta” before hitting the pool, which Jeezy himself doesn’t find surprising. “All my music is inspirational,” he told Rolling Stone’s Evan Serpick. “You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.”

Michael Phelps — the man of the hour for the U.S. at the Olympics — is a big fan of Young Jeezy.
I’m a big fan of Michael Phelps! He’s a great success. I like what he’s doing. He’s like the Young Jeezy of the swim world. I love it! Continue reading

Cops Draw Down on Diddy in LA

via TMZ

Diddy was introduced to the barrel of a gun early this morning.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ at around 3:00 AM, Puff Daddy, aka Diddy, aka Sean “Puffy” Combs, aka Sean Combs, was being driven by an entourage on the Sunset Strip. One of the cars didn’t have proper tags and deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department made the stop. Continue reading

Criminals Dumping Weak US Dollar for Euro

via Yahoo

OTTAWA (AFP) – The weakened US dollar has fallen out of favor with organized crime groups to pay for drug shipments or to settle scores, a Canadian government report said Friday.

And if the greenback continues its slide in 2008, as expected, more and more criminals are likely to exchange euros for illicit goods, said Criminal Intelligence Service Canada in its annual report.

“The US dollar weakened significantly against other major currencies in 2007 and according to some economists, is expected to depreciate further in 2008,” said the report. Continue reading

Tornadoes Touch Down in Denver Day Before Convention

I can’t but notice that tornadoes and natural disasters follow this candidacy around everywhere it goes

via Rocky Mountain News

At least four tornadoes touched down Sunday afternoon southeast of Denver between the towns of Castle Rock and Parker, but somehow managed to twist dangerously by new housing developments.

The thunderstorms also unleashed a sudden deluge of rain and hail on several subdivisions.

“It was like it snowed during and after the tornado,” said Stephen Klein, 15, who lives in the Sapphire Pointe subdivision with his family about a mile-and-a-half southeast of where the tornado touched down. Klein, his mother and two brothers headed to the basement after a neighbor alerted them of the twister. Continue reading

Castro defends athlete who kicked judge in face

via Breitbart

Fidel Castro on Monday defended the Cuban taekwondo athlete who kicked a referee in the face at the Beijing Olympics, saying Angel Matos was rightfully indignant over his disqualification from the bronze-medal match.

Taekwondo officials want Matos and his coach banned for life from the sport. But Castro expressed “our total solidarity” for both Matos and his coach Leudis Gonzalez.

Matos was winning 3-2 in the second round when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov, and was disqualified for taking more than his one minute of injury time.

Matos angrily questioned the call, pushed a judge and then pushed and kicked referee Chakir Chelbat of Sweden, who needed stiches to repair his lip. Matos then spat on the floor and was escorted out.


Wheelie-popping motorcyclist tops 150 mph, pauses to use cell phone

This kid definitely needs to use his talents in a more positive way. What is confusing is if you beat the police why stop to make a phone call. Probably stopped to call his friends to tell them the story. Damn video of this would have killed. I added a video of a high speed chase that did not go so well below:

via Star Tribune

According to the patrol:

The wild and woolly 35-minute scene began shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday, when a state trooper spotted the motorcyclist on Interstate Hwy. 29 in Fargo “riding a wheelie past several other motorists.”

The trooper, in pursuit, radioed for help. A second trooper also couldn’t stop the motorcyclist, whose “speeds exceeded 150 mph as the suspect fled out of the Fargo area on I-29 southbound” and “weaved through traffic in [a] construction zone, creating a gap between himself and the trooper.”

About 4:30 p.m., with the chase suspended, a Cass County deputy in Minnesota found the motorcyclist “sitting in the ditch talking on his cell phone” south of Moorhead.

Marijuana Lab found in Mall of Americas in Miami

This has got to be the greatest story of the day. The biggest mall in America with a hydroponics lab dead smack in the middle. Who ever had the balls to do this is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid or a bit of both. Well hopefully this may spurn more hemp inspired clothing in the long run!

via 13 Central Florida

MIAMI — The Drug Enforcement Administration discovered something unexpected in the Mall of the Americas.

DEA agents found a hydroponics lab with more than 200 marijuana plants, standing 3 to 6 feet tall in the air and worth millions of dollars, in a storage area on the second floor of the mall.

Authorities said the electricity that powered the lab was diverted from the mall’s main power supply.

No arrests have been made. Authorities said officials with the Mall of the Americas are cooperating with the investigation.

Balkan musicians unveil Bob Marley ‘peace’ statue

Does Jamaica even have a statue of Bob Marley? Anyway this is great gesture from these musicians and they should be applauded for their effort.

'Power to the People'

'Power to the People'

via Breitbart

Musicians from the former Yugoslavia have unveiled a statue of late Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley as a symbol of peace.

Several thousand gathered at a rock festival in the tiny Serbian hamlet of Banatski Sokolac for the uncovering of the statue, which features Marley in a tea cosy, clutching a guitar and fist raised towards the sky.

“Bob Marley — fighter for freedom armed with a guitar,” reads the inscription at the base of the two-metre-high (6.5-foot) sculpture, the first of the late reggae star in Europe.
Continue reading

Madonna Links McCain to Hitler?

Madonna has set off a new firestorm of controversy with her recent portrayal of John McCain

Madonna has set off a new firestorm of controversy with her recent portrayal of John McCain

Well it seems the queen of controversy is at it again as she kicks off her world tour. You gotta give it to Madonna she has been pushing for years and it has keep her a superstar and has made her rich in the process. I know the Obama campaign might reject this stunt but underneath are loving every minute of it. Story below:

via Breitbart

John McCain’s campaign hit back at Madonna on Sunday after the pop diva kicked off her world tour with a concert that bracketed the US presidential candidate with Adolf Hitler.McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds angrily condemned the segment of Madonna’s concert in Cardiff on Saturday that appeared to draw a comparison between McCain, Hitler and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe.

“The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time,” Bounds said in a statement reported by Fox News.

“It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”

Madonna’s apparent swipe at McCain came during a performance of the song “Get Stupid”, when the Republican contender’s image was flashed up alongside images of destruction and global warming as well as Hitler and Mugabe.

Towards the end of the song, pictures of Beatles star John Lennon, former US vice-president Al Gore, Indian Mahatma Gandhi and McCain’s Democrat rival Barack Obama appeared.

New Anti-Energy Drink Copies Codeine Addiction, Hits NYC Shelves

This is just like a drink I highlighted a few months back called Blow whereas it what structured to look like cocaine, now comes this stuff that will have kids mocking their favorite rapper of the moment Lil Wayne who has a very public addiction to cough syrup codeine. Are they setting kids to develop this bad addiction in the name of ‘cool cuttin’ edge marketing?’

via CBS TV,

A new soft drink popular in the south is about to land on store shelves in New York. It’s resemblance to a popular homemade drink made with codeine, however, has some people concerned.

It’s purple, bubbly, and supposed to relax you. It’s the soda drink called “Drank” and it contains melatonin, rose hip extract, and valerian root which is meant to calm and “slow your roll.”

“Kind of tastes like watered down Kool-Aid,” one New Yorker told CBS 2.

“I’m not sure what it tastes like, but it tastes good,” said another.

“Drank’s” creator, Peter Bianchi, admits his product resembles the homemade concoction “Purple Drank,” a mixture made with prescription strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine and popularized by hip-hop culture.

That drink has been linked to the 2000 death of Houston music personality DJ Screw. In fact, his death increased the drink’s notoriety among young adults.

“This is giving you a positive alternative that there is something out there on the forefront that’s healthy for kids,” said Bianchi.

But even though “Drank” doesn’t contain codeine or any other narcotic, that doesn’t mean it’s 100 percent safe to drink.

“A person may not know any underlying conditions they may have, reasons behind this. If it interferes with a simple vitamin they might be taking,” said Caroline Bohl, a nutritionist at New York Presbyterian Hospital. “The fact that it also contains a warning should be a little concerning to people too.”

“Drank” will be on shelves in New York in the next two to three days. It will be distributed by “Good O” beverage company, which is headquartered in the Bronx
Pic: Slashfood

Tax Man Wants Swizzy to Pay Up

Source : The Life Files

It seems that stories like this are definitely the norm with news of tax problems with multi-millionaire Joe Francis(Girls Gone Wild) and Wesley Snipes having used the same attorneys to deal with there tax evasion cases.

Why is it that celebs have such trouble paying taxes? They also have the worst record with picking reputable and honest accountants or are all of them corrupt anyway.

Well mega producer Swizz Beatz has been added to the list and owes a bunch of money to the wrong people.

via TMZ

The IRS records show there’s a tax lien of $842,644.52 against Swizz (real name Kasseem Dean) and his estranged wife, Mashonda. By comparison, former NFL legend Bernie Kosar owes $228K, and Mini-Me has a $300K lien.

We put in a call to Violator Management, but haven’t heard back yet.

[audio] LINK FIXED!!!! ‘Swagger Like Us’ T.I. featuring Jay Z, Lil Wayne, & Kanye West


Due to the fact that nobody has an album coming out before TIP, I am gonna jump out the window and say that this is probably a bonus ITunes cut for his album if it is not on the physical release. I actually believe that TIP actually killed the track at the end and he owned everyone else badly.

Much props to my homie Pfunk from 8tyeight.com. for sending this over and beating the big dogs Nahright, Real Talk NY, and 2 Dopeboyz to the punch.

DOWNLOAD: ‘Swagger Like Us’ T.I. featuring Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West

Nike Sportswear Air Force One NY Collection

Recently we broke out some info regarding the Air Force 1 x New Era collab from Clark Kent, while showing us the caps he keep boasting about some New York inspired Air Force Ones that were dropping soon to compliment the New Era’s. We now get a look at the full collection featuring the popular New York sports team official colors including the Yankees, Jets and Knicks. All three combine a nice range of materials while incorporating the visible air unit. The collection released today at the newly opened Nike Sportswear Flagship store in NYC.

Source: Nice Kicks

Professors not happy with Colleges giving Free Iphones & Ipods

This story is similar to one I posted about Libraries making digital books available for download thus eliminating physical books and the hassle of returning them. The digital age is firmly in place and the next generation will get their information 100 times faster than the previous.

Taking a step that professors may view as a bit counterproductive, some universities are doling out Apple iPhones and Internet-capable iPods to students.

The always-on Internet devices raise some novel possibilities, like tracking where students congregate. With far less controversy, colleges could send messages about canceled classes, delayed buses, campus crises or just the cafeteria menu.

While schools emphasize its usefulness — online research in class and instant polling of students, for example — a big part of the attraction is, undoubtedly, that the iPhone is cool and a hit with students. Basking in the aura of a cutting-edge product could just help a university foster a cutting-edge reputation.

Apple stands to win as well, hooking more young consumers with decades of technology purchases ahead of them. The lone losers, some fear, could be professors.


Judge: Copyright Owners Must Consider ‘Fair Use’ Before Sending Takedown Notice

via Wired

In the nation’s first such ruling, a federal judge on Wednesday said copyright owners must consider “fair use” of their works before sending takedown notices to online video-sharing sites.

The 10-page decision (.pdf) came a month after Universal Music told a San Jose, California federal judge that copyright owners need not consider the “fair use” doctrine before issuing takedown notices requiring online video-sharing sites to remove content.

The doctrine, recognized by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, permits limited use of copyright materials without the owner’s permission. Continue reading

Report: Kansas Company Manufacturing Obama-Bayh Bumper Stickers

I have never seen such anticipation for a vice presidential pick in the history of politics. Is it me or was that a non-event years past? Maybe we did not pay attention before. Well it seems info has leaked and beat Obama’s text message which should be going out any nano-second.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Countdown to World’s Largest Particle Accelerator Begins

via Telegraph

The first particles have been injected into the biggest atom smasher on the planet, marking the start of the countdown to probing the secrets of the universe.

Scientists are pushing ahead with powering up the machine, shrugging off speculative fears that it could destroy all life on Earth by sucking it into a black hole.

Starting up the biggest scientific experiment ever built is not as simple as flipping a switch.

Earlier this month, the successful injection of the first particles – protons – into part of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, took place. Continue reading

New Guidelines Would Give FBI Expanded Powers

via NY Times

WASHINGTON — A Justice Department plan would loosen restrictions on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to allow agents to open a national security or criminal investigation against someone without any clear basis for suspicion, Democratic lawmakers briefed on the details said Wednesday.

The plan, which could be made public next month, has already generated intense interest and speculation. Little is known about its precise language, but civil liberties advocates say they fear it could give the government even broader license to open terrorism investigations.

Congressional staff members got a glimpse of some of the details in closed briefings this month, and four Democratic senators told Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey in a letter on Wednesday that they were troubled by what they heard. Continue reading

Mike Vick’s Financial Woes Continue

via Yo! Raps

The bad news (and bills) just keeps piling up for the NFL‘s former $100 million man.

According to documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, imprisoned ex-professional quarterback Michael Vick lists average monthly expenses of $12,225 and a monthly income of just $277.69. Vick, who is currently serving a 23-month federal prison sentence for felony charges related to dogfighting, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.

In his filing, Vick lists total assets of just over $10 million, which includes four houses, several life insurance policies, two boats, and a 2006 Bentley. The embattled sports star also lists nearly $19 million in liabilities, which includes claims against him by creditors. Continue reading

Jermaine Dupri Closes Cafe Dupri in ATL Amidst Economy Woes

via Yo! Raps

After three years doing business in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Jermaine Dupri’s Cafe Dupri has closed it’s doors “indefinitely.”

According to reports, Dupri cites  the poor US economy as the reason the business failed to thrive.

“The economy has changed dramatically and people just aren’t eating out as much anymore,” Dupri said. “People are cutting back everywhere and a lot of companies, including Cafe Dupri are feeling the affect. For the past two months business at the Cafe has been down and if the business isn’t making money, I feel it’s a smart move to shut it down. Bottom line: if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.” Continue reading

40 Glocc Takes Shots at Lil Wayne, Buck and Game’s Alleged ‘Gang’ Ties

via Yo! Raps

From Lil Wayne to The Game, signs of gang affiliation have invaded hip hop in recent years. One alleged Los Angeles Crip, 40 Glocc, has taken offense to Wayne and Baby‘s alleged Blood ties and has embarked on a mission to call the rappers out.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly, 40 Glocc says that he and his crew stopped Wayne and Baby while they were cruising the L.A. streets. [see video HERE] Continue reading

Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis Founder Grabs Snipes Lawyer to Fight Tax Evasion Charges

Well it makes total sense because Wesley Snipes lawyers have worked miracles for him, so Joe Francis creator of the Girls Gone franchise is hoping for an even better outcome. More below:

Joe Francis in better days.

Joe Francis in better days.

via NYT

Mr. Francis will be tried in Los Angeles on federal charges that he deducted $20 million in fraudulent expenses on the corporate tax returns filed by his company, Mantra Films.

If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and $500,000 in fines. Even if he is acquitted, the Internal Revenue Service could still seek back taxes, plus penalties and interest.

Mr. Francis says that his internal accountant set him up, filing the 2002 and 2003 tax returns in question for Mantra Films and then blowing the whistle to the I.R.S. with the goal of reaping a bounty for turning in a tax cheat. On July 25, Mr. Francis filed a civil suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the accountant, Michael Barrett.

Mr. Barrett did not return calls for comment, and prosecutors said they would not speak about their case against Mr. Francis.


As federal agency declares ‘new phenomenon’ downed WTC 7, activists cry foul

Trade 7


According to a federal agency report released Thursday, a “new phenomenon” known as thermal expansion was directly responsible for the mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7 on Sept. 11, 2001.

This study, posed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology — a federal scientific agency which promotes technical industrial standards — marks the first ‘official’ government theory on the collapse.

Continue reading

Michael Phelps Returns To His Tank At Sea World

Gold medalist Michael Phelps at his 9 to 5 job.

Gold medalist Michael Phelps at his 9 to 5 job.

via the Onion

ORLANDO—Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist and SeaWorld main attraction Michael Phelps returned to his seven-million-gallon water tank Wednesday to resume his normal schedule of performing in six shows a day for marine park crowds every day of the week.

Phelps, the 6’4″, 200-pound aquatic mammal, and the first ever SeaWorld swimmer to be raised in captivity by foster swimmers (Mark Spitz and Dara Torres), was recaptured by trainer Bob Bowman in a hoop net baited with an entire Dutch apple pie following Phelps’ final Olympic event last Sunday. Phelps was then tethered to the rudder of a container ship bound for St. Petersburg, guided down local waterways, and introduced back into his home habitat, the tank in SeaWorld’s 5,500 seat stadium, known to park officials and visitors alike as “Phelps’ Happy Harbor.”

“Michael seemed really excited to be back,” said Bowman, adding that the male swimmer became playful upon entering his tank, breaching the water and sounding repeatedly. “He just started swimming freestyle and backstroke, and only stopped to slide belly first onto the tank’s platform so he could be fed dozens of fried egg sandwiches.”


Mysterious Powder Found at McCain Offices

This is just plain backwards. With all the talk about someone trying to hurt the Senator Barack Obama, this threat winds up at two of Senator McCain’s offices. Don’t know what to make of this story but we definitely want Barack Obama to win fair and square and not by default. The sickos are in full swing.

Hazmat crews entered the building shortly after 4:30 p.m. local time on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008. (KCNC)

via CBS

Threatening letters containing an unidentified white powder have been received at John McCain’s campaign offices in Denver, Colorado, and Manchester, New Hampshire, CBS News has learned.

McCain’s campaign office in Denver received a letter containing a threat and “an amount of white powder in it,” a McCain campaign spokesman told CBS News’ Michelle Levi.

“We immediately notified local and federal law enforcement agencies and are looking to cooperate with them,” spokesman Jeff Sadosky said.

A hazardous materials team was trying to determine if the powder found in Colorado is harmful.

Another McCain spokesperson later said that McCain’s New Hampshire office “received a similar letter.”

The city of Denver is at a heightened security level, as the Secret Service and other officials prepare for the Democratic National Convention, which is set to begin on Monday.

A staffer in Denver opened the envelope containing the white substance, and the building was evacuated, reports CBS4 in Denver. The FBI, Secret Service, and local authorities responded to the scene.

As many as twelve people were exposed to the substance, CBS4 reports, but no one apparently reported suffering any symptoms. Seven people drove themselves to Sky Ridge Medical Center, but none showed any symptoms of exposure to a toxic substance, said hospital spokeswoman Linda Watson.

Microsoft gives Seinfeld $10 million to be its next pitchman..

This is definitely a great way to pump some life in the Microsoft brand, its a known fact that Apple has been faster and smarter and have been super effective with their ad campaigns which have brought them to the top of the technological food chain. These new Commercials will be a roaring success but still may not effect the sales of Microsoft Zune amongst other products that Apple still has a significant stranglehold.

Jerry Seinfeld plans on making people go bananas for Microsoft.

Jerry Seinfeld plans on making people go bananas for Microsoft.

via Huffington Post

Microsoft Corp., weary of being cast as a stodgy oldster by Apple Inc.’s advertising, is turning for help to Jerry Seinfeld.

The software giant’s new $300 million advertising campaign, devised by a newly hired ad agency, has been closely guarded. But Mr. Seinfeld will be one of the key celebrity pitchmen, say people close to the situation. He will appear with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in ads and receive about $10 million for the work, they say.

The new ad effort is expected to use some variation of the slogan “Windows, Not Walls,” according to several people familiar with the matter. Those people say the point is to stress breaking down barriers that prevent people and ideas from connecting. The campaign, said to debut Sept. 4, is one of the largest in the company’s history.