Yeah Right: Floyd Mayweather Robbed of $7 million dollars in jewelry?

Source : Real Talk NY

Don’t believe it for one bit. How can you have $7 million dollars worth of jewelry and a 10 cent security system. Why would he leave his valuable laying around? No armed security?No insurance?

Smells like a bunch of bullsh*t to me.Sounds like retirement is pretty boring for Pretty Boy Floyd and this is a great way to get back in the news.

via News 3

 Las Vegas, NV– One afternoon in late August, someone broke into one of Floyd Mayweather’s homes and made off with his personal jewelry. This week Mayweather issued a $100,000 cash reward for information leading to the return of his property.

Mayweather confirmed that the jewelry is estimated to be valued at $7 million and was taken from one of his Las Vegas homes. The offense occurred on August 17, between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. The thieves apparently broke his bedroom window and entered while he was out of the house.

No one was hurt and security is working around the clock to ensure that cameras and professional guards are posted. Only the jewelry was observed to be missing.


[If you would like to snitch you have to find the info on your own]

One thought on “Yeah Right: Floyd Mayweather Robbed of $7 million dollars in jewelry?

  1. whoever wrote this article is a fucking reeeetard. if someone stole 7 mil from you, you sure as fuck would call the cops so fuck off.

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