Obama Force One Sneakers

This sneakers are just plain sick. These have to be collectibles. The detail would not even want me to wera these ever.

Hey any of our readers from Portland, Oregon let us know if you go to this exhibit and send some pics. Email Street Knowledge Media @ streetknowledgetv@yahoo.com

via Hypebeast

As part of Jimm Lasser’s The Dunk on McCain exhibition which opened last night at the Tyson Space, the marquee piece was a specially created Obama Force One. The half-art piece, half sneaker features a unique sole which bears two different designs.

The left shoe bears the statement ” A black man runs, the nation is behind him” while the right shoe features a shot of Barack Obama. The opening night included special prints created with the shoe soles for sale.

The Dunk on McCain Exhibition
328 NW Broadway, No. 116 (between Flanders and Everett)
Portland, Oregon

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