Ludacris to Focus on Acting as Full-Time Gig

via Woooha

Although Ludacris is dropping his sixth album “Theater of the Mind” on October 21st, he recently told the Los Angeles Times that he is already planning to retire his hip-hop moniker of Ludacris for a long-term career in acting as Christopher Bridges.

This is a different business and I do want to be taken seriously, so it’s back to being Chris Bridges,” said Bridges who will be in the upcoming Guy Ritchie film Rocknrolla and the video game adaption action film Max Payne.

While Bow Wow has recently told the press that he plans to retire to “become the next Will Smith,” Chris Bridges’ goals in acting are a bit more realistic. Even though Ludacris has had a lasting and successful career in hip-hop he knows it can only take him so far.

“I can see a point where acting is my full-time job, really,
” Bridges said. “I will always be involved in music, but it may be more behind the scenes, as a producer, I will always do that. But when I look at 10 years from now, I don’t think rapping is necessarily what I want to do when I’m in my 40s. My focus is film.”

Make sure to check out the entire article and interview of Ludacris and his future acting career from the Los Angeles Times

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