maniaTV Presents: “Midnight Rida” (Knight Rider Spoof)

Hope this is funny joint cause it has one of my favorite comedies Alex Thomas in it and we don’t see him in enough stuff as it is.Sent in by the beautiful and equally as smart boss Aura (ATF).

Midnight Rida is the urban comedic spoof of the hit 80’s television show Knight Rider. A new crime syndicate is running ramped through the streets of Los Angeles and it’s up to one man and his car to bring the city back to safety. Our hero, Mitch McKnight, is a Texas transplant and the intern for a secret underground special intelligence bureau who is anxious to prove to the bosses that he’s got what it takes to become a special agent. However, the bosses don’t think of him as anything besides the little office jerk who gets them coffee in the morning.

Sick of the rejection, McKnight turns to the only man in the agency who will give him the time of day: disgruntled head of technology, Tyrone Jackson. Tyrone reveals to McKnight a crime-fighting car with a mind and voice of its own.

G.A.R.I was an Oldsmobile. Now he’s back and better than ever with 26” rims, cush smokin’ tail pipes and the best technology that the Ghetto Replica has to offer. G.A.R.I., as Tyrone and Mitch lovingly call their mechanical child, is fueled by a bad attitude.

G.A.R.I. and McKnight are constantly at odds with each other mainly because G.A.R.I. can’t digest that McKnight’s candy-ass is always taking credit for his heroic feats. Not to mention that McKnight can never understand G.A.R.I’s urban slang and G.A.R.I. can never understand Mitch’s country draw.

This odd couple runs into all sorts of calamities but they still manage to make the streets safe for the good citizens of Los Angeles and avenge the death of Tyrone’s brother and former driver of G.A.R.I., Ash Jackson.

Sound Off!!

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