Will Marvel Tap Will Smith to Appear as Captain America? Survey Says…

…during an MTV News interview regarding his role in “Miracle at St. Anna,” actor Derek Luke let slip that a very prominent – and surprising – face could be the star of Marvel Studios’ next blockbuster film. “I heard they offered Will Smith ‘Captain America,’” said Luke, adding that the intriguing casting rumor “just shows you how times have changed.”

In an interview with MTV News, Derek Luke leaked the possibility that Marvel Comics may be considering Will Smith to appear as Captain America in their film adaption of the popular comic book franchise. This leak practically broke the dam, causing an intense backlash by comic book enthusiasts who said they would boycott Marvel if they cast Captain America as anything BUT a blonde-haired Caucasian. To get in on the argument, or to read the corrosive statements being made about this ‘far-fetched’ scenario CLICK [HERE].

Sound Off!!

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