LonelyGirl15 ,Youtube Stars Get Scripted Show on HBO Website

Once again HBO is ahead of the curb with this risky move, though these guys popularity warrants some type of deal on the part of the big cable companies. If it is successful expect a flood of internet stars given deals to do shows which will eventually migrate to conventional televsion:

HBOlab, an experimental offshoot of the cable powerhouse focused on online programming, is launching a Web video series featuring a cast of the Internet’s most popular entertainers.

Jessica Rose, star of the Web sensation “lonelygirl15,” will be joined with top YouTube talent, including video bloggers known as sxePhil and KevJumba, for the scripted comedy “Hooking Up.” Set to premiere Oct. 1, the 10-episode series will be distributed on top video portals including YouTube and MySpace as well as a destination site, hookingupshow.com.

“Hooking” could prove groundbreaking for the nascent webisode genre by amassing a sizable viewership, given its aggregation of Internet personalities who can promote the production to their devoted audiences of millions of young viewers.

For HBOlab, “Hooking” is an opportunity to take to the next level the knowledge the unit has gleaned regarding Internet video distribution.

“I think we’re going to see a lot more hits than had we cast a bunch of funny people you didn’t know,” said Fran Shea, head of HBOlab.


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