WTF?!!! Girl Sells Her Virginity(V-Jay Jay) on Howard Stern Show for College

This has to be a stunt. Could you imagine how she would get propositioned in college?

For example: “Hey I let you use my Macbook Pro if..?” Anyway check out this story it is definitely a doozy!!!

via Dlisted

On his radio show today, Howard Stern will interview a 22-year-girl who is selling her virginity to the highest bidder on an auction site. Who said romance was dead? Goodbye virginity, hello prostitution!

The chick who is going by the fake name of “ Natalie Dylan” is going to use the money to pay for her college education. Okay, if you’re going to go by a fake name, why choose Natalie Dylan? Her marketing efforts are already failing! She should have picked something “flashier.” I’m thinking “Poppy My Cherry.”

Rush & Molly reports that Howard introduced Natalie to Dennis Hof, the creepy fat dude who owns the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. The auction will take place on and the winner will take Natalie’s v-card at the ranch. Natalie’s sister already works there.

Natalie said she’s been forced to sell her cherry, because her stepfather took out a student loan in her name, so she’s unable to finance her education. She said, “I don’t have a moral dilemma with it. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself.”

In order to prove that she’s a virgin, Natalie will take a lie-detector test and undergo a gynecological exam. She’s not just choosing any dick either. The highest bidder won’t necessarily be the one she does bloody sexy times with. She’s going to screen the bidders and find a dude she’s happy with.

Natalie already has her bachelor’s in women’s studies from Sacramento State. In January she starts working on getting her master’s in marriage and family therapy. HA!

46 thoughts on “WTF?!!! Girl Sells Her Virginity(V-Jay Jay) on Howard Stern Show for College

  1. I was thinking of publishing or posting online some of my articles I’ve written for school but can’t afford to copyright them. If they are in my school paper, do I hold any ownership over them or are they protected by law?.

  2. Teresa Hof Knowlton is not the daughter of Dennis Hof. Dennis is the father of his daughter Shelly Hof Moeller though. There appears to be another male that created Teresa Hof Knowlton so Teresa is not related to Dennis Hof. Also, Teresa Hof Knowlton’s daughter, Halle is not the daughter of Lee Knowlton. Halle is fathered by some surfer in the San Diego area. Lee Knowlton has no clue and should get a paternity test done immediately as he has been paying child support for 15 years for a child that isn’t even his! Seems like white trash is in full bloom with these trailer park peeps!

  3. sick ..Howard should be arrested also…i guess now that he is planning on retiring he may just become a pimp

  4. 1. Why is everyone saying she’s 27? She’s 22.

    2. As immoral as this is, it hardly seems worse than a simple one-night stand. Yes, shes’s being stupid and immoral. But she’s not being abnormal. She profits from this attention. So does the bunny ranch.

    3. For those who said “isn’t this prostitution”; yes, it is! Prostitution is legal in Nevada.

    4. Would she really be denied a therapist’s license for this? Just curious. There seem to be a disproportionate number of messed up therapists out there.

  5. Bottom line = “She needs JESUS” Her stepfather might have did her wrong, but her Heavenly Father wouldn’t!!!!!!

  6. Damn, there sure are alot of moralfags around these days…….it’s HER BODY, so she should be able to choose what she does with it, without worry of censure or condemnation from others. :\

    Blah blah blah…..society is being ruined……she should wait for marraige and be “pure” about it……she’s a slut….blah blah blah.

    I say, MORE POWER to her!

  7. Even if she is virgin i’m sure shes given plenty of head recieved oral and and been fingered plenty of times if shes that loose on having sex with a stranger! He’ll prob be an old nasty……what young, hott, noraml guy would pay to have sex? There are plenty of free girls that are way hotter than her!

    How is it legal? Prostitution! plenty of others have gone to jail for it.

  8. all i can say is the girl is a slut!!!! you are supposed to loose ur virginty to some one special.i hope she gets a disease stupid whore

  9. Dennis Hof has been helping his friend wanted sex offender Philip Yoder hide from police by giving him a place to live at his apartment complex and working under the table at the bunny ranch for the past two years. Dennis Hof is trying to recruit our children who turn 18 into prostitution. He is corrupting our children here in Carson City! Why are people tolerating this pimp? How can he get away with aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive? CORRUPTION IS HOW IT IS DONE IN CARSON CITY!!!!

  10. Dennis Hof (moonlight bunny ranch)
    Shelly Hof Moeller
    Grand children
    Teresa Hof Knowlton
    Grand children
    Shelly has a restraining order against Dennis Hof for stalking.
    Dennis Hof names his top prostitutes Shelly after is daughter
    Dennis Hof named a room at the ranch Miss Tia after his grand daughter
    Dennis Hof is under investigation for putting money and buying homes in Shelly’s name starting at a very young age. Taxes were never paid. Should his daughters have sold their virginity to pay off his loans and taxes? As stated above CREEPY FAT DUDE

  11. Let me guess. She must have been taught abstinence from mommy and daddy. She may be a virgin in the cat, but perhaps not in the back. 🙂

    This is just proof that Mike Judge was right about the US. See the movie, “Idiocracy”.

  12. It is said that life imitates art – film maker B.D. Benedickt produced a film, based on one of his novels named ‘Vanessa’ which dealt with this very subject.

  13. wow. one word. that is the most stupid thing i have ever seen or heard in my entir life. im sure God is really pleased with her saleing the most sacred thing.

  14. Yeah, it may seem wrong. But if you where just proposed to do something that may be against your morals and where offered a big pay day. Do not lie you would take it. Ladies you would be cocking those legs wide and fellas you would be bending over. Everybody has a little freak in them she just is getting hers out in the open. So please do not hate. Remember this, what she eats does not make you S*$!.

  15. Girl if you really want to go to college then you need to go in the military cause they pay for you to go to college . and you should save yourself .Sorry but if you sell yourself your nothing but a whore , ask yourself , when you get older do you want your kids to know that you were a whore to pay for college , when you can do the right thing and go in the military and get it paid for for free.

  16. You people are insane and not looking closely at the photo…she is a MAN…look at the Adam’s apple…she is a HE! Stupid Americans…go CANADA!!!

  17. Wow, she’s still a virgin at 27? Lawl, I don’t believe it. Anyone who would seriously considering something like this can’t be a virgin. Can they? O_o

  18. @humidglue

    “I can see why, she will do such a thing for money. There are so many college girls who do this kind of thing for extra money and so on.”

    “But, personally, I couldn’t do this, promiscuous sex is not on my to-do list.”

    Engaging in promiscuous sex would be doing it with anyone for no reason. Changing for sex actually is not the same as being promiscuous since would be acting selectively in who would do it with.


    “Something to ponder… What if it were a guy doing this. We americans would be saying go for it dude!”

    Good point on the double standard. If a guy was trying to get paid for someone to take his virginity he would be a hero. I see guys commenting outrage really are mad can’t have it for free.

    I would not personally recommend this course of action for “Natalie Dylan” but it’s a free world and she is not doing anything illegal. She is doing because feels it would benefit her so more power to her but of course people like to judge others.

    Ideas and Revolution – If you’re not outraged you’re not reading this blog

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  20. I do not really care if she does it or not it is her business. Still how much can she possibly get for a cherry popping? She could make more working in a strip club a few nights a week without the risk of STDs.

  21. She know better than that! If her stepfather put a student loan in her name, she can fill out another one or find a grant to that is enough to pay for her masters. By doing that, she will not know that the bidder will have some kind of disease and so forth. I am a woman and I was offened by that.

  22. Capitalization or Prostitution whatever right? This is no different than a little girl in a third world country without any say in the matter being sold off for her virginity except this girl is flying solo, we are in america, she may or may not get a goat out of the deal, and she does not need her parents persuasions to give it up for money. I hope she never spawns any more family to add to the bunnyranch. Maybe she did pass the lie detector due to childhood repression of her step dad taking advantage of her and her sister spawning such unconcsious disrespect towards herself. So CNN, Howard Stern plug for her p***y, she’s gonna lay it down for the taking in a whorehouse, and she has some delusion that she will be able to become a family counselor after prostituting her virginity on national television. This is very sick this girl needs a counselor if anything. No moral dispute to doin it out of wedlock or selling it but have some more insight into what exactly your doing. Her sister was probably like, “hey sis you can always just sell your stuff to pay for college.” At least strippers don’t have to sell it to pay for their college they might sell it but thats usually to support some other habit and they don’t normally do it on tv.

  23. This is an insult to women. I’m a guy and I feel offended on their behalf. The only people I see siding with this girl, are people who have done this kind of thing….ahem (prostitutes)

  24. Get the hell out of here! No one see’s anything wrong with this. Yes, people do things at times that they don’t want to because they want to better themselves and live a better life but come on, there has got to be a limit to a persons insanity.

  25. well, as what she have said, “I don’t have a moral dilemma with it. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity? I understand some people may condemn me. But I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself.” I think this girl had to sell her V-thing coz’ she wanted “INSTANT” $_$ you know.
    but for me girl, there’s a lot of jobs in there waiting for you… you got to find them yourself

  26. At this point I’m actually speechless. I knew this world was going crazy, but even this surprises me. I’m sure it’s a publicity stunt, but that would mean that somewhere on this planet, there’s a very lonely person (probably a guy) who sits around thinks this stuff up. Do we really live in a society where people actually think to themselves, “what’s would be a good way to make money, get a job or sell my virginity? I think I’ll go with the latter of the two.”


  27. she is so clever… yet so stupid… it happens… hermmm… just hope that the guy who got her would actually get marry with her… ;~p

  28. Her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy???? Are you kidding me? (Mental note: Do not use this woman for marriage counseling.) I have a 16 year old daughter who has already asked me about my first time and how did I know it was the right thing to do, etc. I couldn’t imagine having to tell my daughter that I sold my virginity to the highest bidder! I don’t care how long this girl has waited to do “it”. That is SICK! You would think if she thought it was such a prize to have waited this long, she would wait for the one she was to marry, not the one who had the most money and least STD’s.

  29. I can see why, she will do such a thing for money. There are so many college girls who do this kind of thing for extra money and so on.

    But, personally, I couldn’t do this, promiscuous sex is not on my to-do list.

  30. Marriage and family therapy? Well if that doesn’t work out, at least she has another profession to fall back on. Her sister can show her the ropes. It seems Howard Stern hasn’t missed an opportunity to show us how people can rationalize any behavior to get ahead.

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