[pics] Wii-mote Hybrids

Check out these wiimotes that have been pimped by fanboys and given features that surely take wireless gaming to another level. I wonder which of these will make it into mass production. The guys over at NINTENDOWIIFANBOY did a great job with this post and have two more wii models here..

It’s so bad, it’s good

Click here to see video of the mod in action.

Who can forget the Power Glove? Not us, and certainly not the Japanese hacker responsible for this functioning Power Glove/Wiimote hybrid.

What is the sound of one hand gaming?

This mod allows an individual to play Wii with only one hand. Created by Ryan Culy for a friend with a majority of his left arm missing, this mod is one of the feel good stories of this year.

Wiimote mod busts caps

This mod has a gutted Wiimote crammed into a metallic gun shell, complete with working trigger. For those that don't dig on Nintendo's Zapper and want something a bit more hefty and lifelike while they blast zombies in the face in House of the Dead, this might be the mod for you.

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