Lil Wayne Makes More Spaced Out Comments, This Time Claims He ‘Don’t Read No Books’

Alright, I am thoroughly confused. One thing for sure and two things for certain, just give a rapper enough time and more than two interview and the contradictions will start rolling in. In this case it is that pesky martian Lil Wayne who has made some controversial statements that have canceled out other statements made to other publications. One of our most heavily searched posts is a story about Wayne saying he believes the world will end in 2012 based on the Mayan prophecies, a “theory” which he became hip to by reading a book on the matter on his tour bus. Then he gets conducts an interview with Datwon Thomas from XXL, and says the complete opposite, in terms of him not reading books. So, the fact is he was lying to some on at some point. I’m sure this comes as no surprise but people should expect more from their “icons” especially if these kids are hanging on every word they say. To read Weezy’s spaced out comments check excerpts from this interview out:

What are you reading right now to help you…

I don’t read a damn thing. That’s why I don’t write music. I’m too cool to be reading and writing…I’m a very intelligent nigga. I can read like a motherfucka. I don’t want motherfuckas to think I’m illiterate.

You’re in college so…

I don’t read, other than that shit.

But we talking about books for leisure.

Nah, I’ve done that like once or twice. It’s just not my thing. I’m not into made-up stories.

You know how people get together and they like, “Yo, you read…”

I’m not even in that conversation circle. That would be crazy, I can’t answer nothing so why would I sit there and talk? I ain’t read no books. I sit and watch ESPN all day. I can tell you what happened in sports. I do what floats my boat. If you trying to figure out where I get this talk, that’s me. I’m born with that. I don’t have no brothers, no sisters. My brother is 6-years-old. My dad ain’t never had one of those. And the one I called pops, he passed. My momma, she do her cooking thing. I’m an intelligent nigga,. I just refuse to be dumb.

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