[Op-Ed] RIP USA: Dissecting the Death of a Dynasty

By PMoor

On Monday, September 15 the chickens came home to roost. Now, when those words were used 45 years ago to describe the assassination of America’s beloved president John F. Kennedy it caused a rift in the Nation of Islam between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, who erroneously mouthed those sentiments against the wishes of his advisers. We all know how that ended up. So, in the spirit of harmony I ask that you don’t shoot the messenger, I am just stating the obvious.

When the obituary for the American Empire is written, its death will not be attributed to Al Qaeda or Middle Eastern terrorists. The eulogist won’t say that everything came to an abrupt end because the country was on the cusp of electing it’s first “Black President.” No, it may read something more like this: In the end, the wagging dog ate it’s own tail. America, that great bastion of freedom and capitalism was consumed by unprecedented GREED.

Seven score years ago, one of the most tragic events in modern times took place in our beloved City of New York (9/11). An attack took place, that much we know, and the financial heart of the Empire, the World Trade Center was the target. Apparently the plan was to bring America to her knees by crippling her financial markets and destabilizing the economy through FEAR. Did it work? On the contraire, citizens were instructed to go shopping to infuse the economy with a stimulus so that we may fight the terrorist with our ‘wallets.’ Then an amazing thing happened as the wallets parted ways and the cash was delivered: under periods of stress and duress, America flourished. Red, white and blue flags were waving from places where years ago the same flag was burned to a crisp in protest of the Imperialistic agenda these jihadist were raging against.

Harlem, Bed Stuy, I seen them fly. It was the closest we’ve ever come to realizing King’s dream of holding hands and singing Kumbaya with lil’ black boys and girls and lil’ white boys and girls. In the cowboy tradition of Americanism though, we knew it was time to kick some ass, so the folk songs around the camp fires would abruptly come to an end and those same lil’ boys and girls would be outfitted with camouflaged fatigues, AK-47’s and sent to the mountains of Afghanistan to smoke Osama Bin Laden out of his hole, or cave, or something like that. Bush amassed a coalition of “friends” to join him in this Crusade against the infidel powers of Islam. This Coalition of the Willing set it’s sights on Iraq and justified preemptively ridding the region of any agitators, such as the Butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein.

Also amassed in that coalition were the business interests that have had its sights set on not only the Iraqi oil fields but the coveted pipe lines that run through Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea, ironically enough. Also private contractors (mercenaries) like Black Water rode in with the caravan to lay waste to the region and set up paramilitary outposts from which smaller, undocumented wars are being fought in Iran, Pakistan, Georgia, and parts of Africa as we speak. These black ops are agitating already fragile relations that the US has around the world, but if these conflicts aren’t “technically” mandated by Congress then we will never see a diplomatic solution to them. All we’re privy to is pictures of burning embassies and we think, “dammit, those terrorist have struck again.” The “Shadow Government” lead by Dick Cheney and Co. is hard at work on behalf of the American taxpayer to drag the US into the very same 100 Year Conflict that McCain speaks so highly of. I know I sound like I’m tearing pages out of a Tom Clancy book, but click these links and do some research into these claims being made.

As a backdrop to all of this, we have the financial crisis that has forced itself to the forefront of the American consciousness. A 900 TON Gorilla that can’t be moved, swayed and refuses to go anywhere, anytime soon. On Monday, the crisis hit a crescendo with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent bailout the following day of AIG, to the tune of $85 Billion. Guess who’s footing the bill? The Good Ole American taxpayer who nowadays is synonymous with the childhood icon “Mikey” from the LIFE commercials, because as consumers they’ll eat anything.

Coincidentally enough while the taxpayer is hemorrhaging nearly a trillion dollars in bailout money for financial institutions that went belly-up by defrauding these very same taxpayers not only is the Fed making no concessions to protect the average consumer who is facing foreclosure due to these cooked up schemes but the only form of recourse or redress they are being offered is the chance to make “Change” this upcoming election cycle by casting a ‘vote’ as if that is to cause some miraculous reversal of fortune. It is being predicted that in the next few months, a thousand banks are forecast to fail. FDIC is rumored to be tinkering on failure. Washington Mutual is on the auction block. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went belly up. Bear Sterns failed. Merill Lynch has blood on its hands. The only two mega institutions left standing are Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. If they fail, then what? The complacency of Americans is frightening.

So here is the scenario. Almost seven years ago to the day, allegedly a band of Arab terrorist brought down the Twin Towers. Legislation (already prepared prior to the attacks, coincidentally enough) is immediately ushered through the halls of Congress that reformats the structure of our Constitution as we know it, making it possible for Bush to erode and deregulate government oversight. This is tantamount to stripping a computer of its firewall, then viruses of all forms start attacking and lay waste to the infrastructure. In this case the virus was the bankers (it’s always the money changers, ask Jesus) who came to pick apart the carcass that was America. They preyed on the weak, the feeble, the unsuspecting, and disproportionately the poor. Predatory lenders victimized the very people who looked towards the government for security. While unprecedented legislation was passed to create new bureaus such as Homeland Security, little was done to secure the homes in the land. The very same men who had the most to lose on that Tuesday in September turned into the very same animal that supposedly callously preyed on them. Not to mention the bleeding of Americans this summer by Bush’s cronies via the escalating gas/energy prices. Under George’s watch the rich got super rich and the poor got thrashed.

“Blacks” have been notoriously victimized by the current administration, whether it be Katrina, or loss of jobs, or subprime mortgages. As the saying goes the more things change the more they stay the same. This time around though the ramifications are massive but who wins? People are still out of their homes and the country will soon be out of fiat currency. The Fed, which is NOT a government agency, but a privately held consortium of international bankers cannot continue to issue federal reserve notes against growing inflation, deficit and a faltering dollar. A late night emergency session was called on the 18th to craft a plan to subsidize all of the failing financial institutions (M.other O.f A.ll B.ailouts) that are destroying the soundness of EVERY financial market on the market. To the tune of nearly a trillion dollars, the U.S. will be in further depth to the Fed, the IMF and the World Bank but victims from Hurricane Ike can’t get any ice down in Texas, the lame duck president’s home state. Obama, sounding presidential, stressed that relief for Wall Street shouldn’t come before, or at the expense of relief for Main Street, but no concrete plans are being laid out. The bill for Iraq is hovering around a trillion dollars, with $10 Billion a month being spent. You have Iran and Russia licking their chops right now, playing the waiting game before they make a strategic war move to force the hands of the Americans. Where is the U.S. going to get the money to fight all these wars?

The only thing that backs the “money” is the faith of the people. How fitting then, that the soundness of the financial institutions would fall on its face on the 15th, during a full moon in Pisces, and Pisces denotes “BELIEF” of course and the end of an ‘Age’ (reports are already referring to the crash on Monday as the end of Capitalism as we know it). It was conjoined by Uranus which represents AWARENESS, and the interpretation is once people become AWARE of the predicament this country has found itself in, the FAITH that they’ve blindly invested in this bankrupt corporation will dissipate and wane, just as the governments faith in Lehman Brothers dissipated and the fallout will be one of monumental, disastrous proportions. Got gold? Better get you some.

5 thoughts on “[Op-Ed] RIP USA: Dissecting the Death of a Dynasty

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  2. this is an excellent articl i havent seen in depth journalism like this in a very long time, it amazes me that i am living in such a historic, defining age of mankind where so muh is at stake and all im worried about is how to make a few hundred dollars a day?? I honestly believe ive been stripped of damn near all sensibility and awareness to the world going on around me. the best way to describe it is being shellshocked for years, and it seems like many others share my sentiments bcuz the masses have no IDEA WHATSOEVER as to whats about to happen to their perception of REALITY..we are turning into the newest experiment in third world superpowers?? it begins to all look
    clearer now thank you for enlightening me Mr.PMoor these other so-called journalists need to learn some things from you and begin writng the TRUTH,PEACE

  3. Thanks for the input, and yes indeed, KNOWLEDGE is POWER and KNOWING is half the battle. Not to sound clique but now is the time to educate oneself on how to get rich in times of crisis, because there is stupendous opportunity that arises when Empire’s fall. So, yes do your homework, hone your craft because bartering is also a form of currency and stock pile your essentials because if it does get super ugly, you would want to be prepared as opposed to not being prepped. Good comment.

  4. Wow, great posts. I am glad that somebody within the Hip Hop community is willing to say something when it comes to business and politics. I say if you are a responsible adult, be into fashion, music and tech, but don’t forget business, professionalism and politics cause it effects your communities life and your personal life as well.

    I may not agree with everything you wrote here, but one thing is for sure: we are in trouble.

    As scared as I am, I am not worried because I am not “buying gold”, but I am investing my time and energy to understanding business and finance. If everything crashes, and I mean everything I am ready and do what the rich do: use defeat and turn it into financial victory (even if it takes 20 years).

    I advise EVERYONE to learn more about business and finance no matter HOW LONG it takes to learn it. Understand why a dollar is worth a dollar; why your check does more or less; how you make your money truly work for you and not just spend it.

    If you can not read a financial statement, know what are financial ratios are, what a 401K, 457K IRA Roth is, who it is to be “in business” and so forth then I suggest you get to know these items.

    I am not blaming the little guy, not at ALL. But if you want to tell people to wake up to what is going on, then waking up ACTUALLY means understanding business and finance. You understand those things (even if it on basic level) you will better control your money, who you vote for and why, and be able to ask the right questions to your financial advisor’s and anybody else you can think of.

    Knowledge is power. Learn about business and finance and you will be scared, but calm, like I am.

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