Jay-Z Debuts New Artful Dodger Line

via Woooha

Last week Jay-Z and GQ Magazine hosted the official launch party of the Artful Dodger clothing collection. For those who remember, Jay-Z bought the clothing brand last year for $15 million and was set on giving the brand a much needed face-lift. While introducing the collection at New York’s Chelsea Art Museum, Jay claimed that his Artful Dodger line is “the alternative to everything that currently exists in the marketplace.”

Take a look at the pics from the show for the new Artful Dodger collection designed by Jay-Z’s team. The current collection (before Jay-Z) is still available at the Artful Dodger website. Expect a complete redesign of the website in the coming months that will include this new collection labeled as sophisticated streetwear.

3 thoughts on “Jay-Z Debuts New Artful Dodger Line

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  2. jay that shit is going to be hot.i cant want for the street gear.jay please sign big daddy kane to your new record label. kane down with you that will be off the chain.

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