David Blaine’s newest stunt..Hang Upside Down for 60+hrs.

Both hanging upside down above Central Park's Wollman Rink in New York, Kelly Ripa, right, interviews magician David Blaine for "Live with Regis and Kelly" as Blaine begins his latest endurance challenge "David Blaine: Dive of Death" Monday morning Sept. 22, 2008. Blaine plans to hang upside without a net for 60 hours concluding his challenge with a plunge. (AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

Where does this guy actually come from? Has anybody checked to see if he is really human?
Anyway once again he is risking life and limb for all of to see if he can once again can escape death. I will definitely go over there and hopefully bring you guys some pics.

via Breitbart

NEW YORK (AP) – What’s David Blaine up to? Oh, just hanging around.

The magician-daredevil proclaimed, “I’m doin’ all right,” after starting his latest endurance challenge Monday—60 hours hanging upside-down, without a net, above Wollman Rink in Manhattan’s Central Park.

Blaine—sounding nasal from sinus pressure—kept smiling while describing the “enormous push of blood” that made it feel like his head was “about to explode.”

As a child, he was intrigued when Harry Houdini dangled from a crane by his ankles while escaping a straitjacket.

Said Blaine: “The legs go pin and needle very fast.” Stretches—kind of an upside-down sit-up—seem to help.

Blaine, 35, is scheduled to exit from his perch at the climax of a live, two-hour ABC special, “David Blaine: Dive of Death,” on Wednesday.

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