Hobnox.com creates contest for artists,win a developement package for $ 30,000 !!!

The Hobnox.com Evolution2 contest has officially kicked off! This opportunity gives emerging artists a chance to showcase their talent and win a complete artist development package that includes $30,000!

Hobnox.com is an online entertainment network for artists, musicians, filmmakers, and their fans. We enable you to produce, upload and share your own music, video, and art content with other cool, creative individuals. Hobnox connects creators and consumers of audio and visual content with innovative technologies and networking tools. The network also consists of high quality web TV Channels covering music, film and culture, built around a creative community.

The Evolution2 contest is designed to empower emerging creative artists. Participants can showcase their work on a high quality platform, expose their projects to a worldwide network of professionals, and compete for three “Artist Development Packages” worth $30,000 each. Prizes will be awarded to the best submissions in the areas of music, film, and culture.

Interested artists should follow this link to enter http://evolution2.hobnox.com

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