Chavez say U.S. empire has fallen, must draw up a new Constitution

This guy is speaking the truth people whether you like it or not. We have been shafted by those who were put in place to protect this country’s interest and they did nothing but rob and pillage our economy for their own greediness. For an in depth look at this crisis Read RIP USA: Dissecting The Death of a Dynasty by Paul Moreland.

Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday it was the capitalist system that had caused the financial crisis in the United States and the country should come up with a new constitution.


via Yahoo

Speaking to reporters in Lisbon on the last leg of a tour that included visits to China and Russia, he said: “I think the United States should start a constituent process to create a constituent assembly, a new truly democratic model.”

A constituent assembly is a body elected to draft and sometimes adopt a new constitution.

“It was capitalism that caused the ruin” in the United States, said Chavez, who is one of Washington’s fiercest critics, calling the financial crunch “the worst financial crisis in history”.

“Let the U.S. empire end and let a great nation and great republic rise from the ruin … It’s time to shout ‘Liberty!’ again in the United States,” Chavez said, calling for a new government to be free of the “dictatorship of the elite” such as big banks and corporations.

Critics accuse Chavez of running an authoritarian, Cuban-style regime in oil-rich Venezuela.

Chavez, who has signed various deals from weapons to energy this week in China and Russia also signed an agreement with Portugal’s Socialist government on Saturday to buy 1 million ultra-cheap laptops for schools and 50,000 pre-fabricated houses in deals worth $3 billion.

They also signed a draft deal between Energias do Portugal and Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA for the development of a liquefied natural gas project from the Blanquilla Este reserve in northern Venezuela.

The computers, which the government started distributing in Portuguese primary schools this week at a subsidised price of 50 euros , will be delivered to Venezuela from December. They cost 285 euros in stores in Portugal.

The laptop is based on Intel Corp’s Classmate PC, a cheap computer that has been adopted in various formats in countries such as Brazil and Indonesia.

4 thoughts on “Chavez say U.S. empire has fallen, must draw up a new Constitution

  1. I wonder how long it’ll take before the American’s will decide to standup and revolt against these comedians in their goverment???

  2. I’d really like to give Chavez props, but he too engages in shady business. I like what he represents, and I think he statements on the financial crisis are true, but he has a lot of restructuring to do in his own country. Their human rights record ain’t the greatest.

  3. Chavez is an extremist most of the time, but I’m glad to hear he is not saying “down with America” as a whole. But, this is what happens when you spend $10 billion a day/or month, what ever it is, in another country. No money to handle the trend we saw happening years ago.

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