Cynthia McKinney Reveals 5000 Men Killed During Hurricane Katrina [VIDEO]


This is something that if true is a basic crime against humanity. Skip this post if you want but this is a serious story we need to look at. This country is in shambles!!

Yesterday, Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, held a press conference to reveal 5,000 black males were suspiciously murdered during Hurricane Katrina.
According to McKinney, the names of the 5,000 are contained in a Pentagon computer. She claims the men were prisoners whose bodies were dumped in a swamp. 😕

I do recall New Orleans prison officials releasing a large number of black prisoners after Hurricane Katrina when rising water flooded the prisons. Does anyone know what happened to those prisoners?


2 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney Reveals 5000 Men Killed During Hurricane Katrina [VIDEO]

  1. 1) it was not a press conference, it was the Critical Resistance conference where she served as a panelist.
    2) being a native atlantan, i can tell you that cynthia mckinney lacks any sort of credibility. she has claimed an election she lost was rigged; struck a security guard at the capital she claimed was racially profiling her (when, in fact, she was not displaying any identification); paraded around atlanta in a hummer with bodyguards in tow (i saw her entourage in person, but she was also plastered all over the news); and now makes this unsubstantiated claim that 5000 prisoners were killed and dumped in a swamp.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a history of mental illness in her family.

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