[pics] Ocean Shows Up In The Middle of Africa

This earth never ceases to amaze.The mere fact that it is still forming and developing should have made people  care about it a long time ago. Give Michael Jackson credit he said this about twenty years ago.

via Environmental Futurism

At the same time as Paraguay is drying up, Africa is ripping open, a slow process that will result in the emergence of a whole new ocean, according to Scientific American. The rip you see above can’t be resewn — as Eitan Haddock’s photographs document. Last year, scientists watched an 8 meter rip in the earth appear in only three weeks. Change is nothing new for this part of the world: researchers recently revealed that the Sahara was entirely covered in vegetation at many points during the last 120,000 years. Watch an ocean appear before your disbelieving eyes, after the jump.

This is lava from Erta Ale, an active shield volcano in the East African Rift. (It hasn’t erupted since 2005, but lava flow persists.) In this region of Africa, saltwater from the Red Sea will flood the area, and localized earthquakes continue to affect those who dare to live anywhere near this region. You can view the full breakdown of how an ocean is born here, with more stunning photography from Haddock. In the meantime, try to prevent these sulfuric pools from reaching your bedside.

Birth of an Ocean: How It Works [Scientific American]
Scientists Witness ‘Ocean Birth’ [BBC News]

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