Ponahalo Diamonds Sell for $6 Million

via Upscale Swagger

Ponahalo Diamonds definitely represent top-grade quality. The precious stones are approximately 102 and 70 carats. The stones sold for a high amount of $6.16 million by winning bidder Mr Amer Radwan of Dubai. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund, benefiting educational programs in Africa.

Editor’s Note: It’s a f*cking shame that they continue to perpetuate the rape and plunder of Africa’s natural resources in the name of Capitalism.  This ain’t no different than what Bush is doing in Iraq, or any other foreign occupation of someone elses resources.  The proceeds from this can feed a village for decades and I don’t wanna hear squat about Russell Simmons is making sure proceeds go back to the village. With all this international intervention done on the behalf of “oppressed” people I’m hoping Obama will impose a relief mission to the Mother Land to get these blood suckers up outta there. I’ll personally strap up and go dump on some of these multinationals, like DeBeers, Oppenhiemers, Rothchilds…see a pattern here?


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