Jim Jones Brings His Solo Act to Broadway

via SOHH
His cameo in the action thriller, Righteous Kill, was just the beginning of Jim Jones‘ new acting career. In this SOHH exclusive the rapper reveals his plans to star in a one-man play, talk about his upcoming appearance on the TV series, Crash and recall his recent run-ins with Brooke Shields and Dennis Hopper.

With his major label debut dropping on Columbia Records early next year and a documentary on his life in the works, Jim Jones has plans to use one more medium to tell his story. This November, the Harlem rapper will star in a one-man play, entitled Hip-Hop Monologues, in Manhattan’s theater district.

“We say it’s like a glorified listening session but it now has really turned into a musical, to a real live play,” Jones told SOHH. “It’s a one-man theatrical with characters to help me paint the picture, which is my life and things that I’ve been through.”

The performance, which will run on November 12th and 13th, features a live band and a select group of additional actors.

Jones said that he has enjoyed preparing to take the stage. “It’s fun. The rehearsals have been fun,” he said. “It’s really turned out to be something. It was just an idea and now it’s materializing and it really could be good. It might make me a lot of money.”

One recent rehearsal drew a visit from Lipstick Jungle actress, Brooke Shields, who is a close friend of Jim’s partner and former Roc-A-Fella owner Damon Dash. “I had Brooke Shields in there kinda critiquing the rehearsal the other day,” Jim revealed. “You never know with Jim Jones.”

Another unlikely acquaintance of the New York rapper’s is Academy Award nominated actor, Dennis Hopper. Jones starred along side Hopper in an upcoming episode of the TV series, Crash, which is loosely based on the 2004 movie of the same name.

Jones plays himself in the episode, which is scheduled to air next week on Starz. “It’s me actually but they do have me acting it’s not just me doing what I want. It’s my character but sh*t you still gotta play your role.”

“Actually Dennis Hopper told me I was pretty good, ” he continued. “He actually told me that if this is what I wanted to that I was going to make a lot of money at it. That’s a great compliment for somebody such as him.”

Jim’s Columbia Records debut, Pray for Reign, is scheduled for release in January of 2009.

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