[video] Obama vs. Curtis- Black on Both Sides?

Kudos to Byron Hurt for producing this clip which takes a look at the dichotomy of Barack Obama and 50 Cent, and what they both represent in terms of ‘black male masculinity.’ He successfully poses and answers the lingering questions that have been on the tips of tongues ever since Curtis became the poster boy for “thuggism” in America, only to be rivaled by the updated, overnight emergence of Barack Obama, the new HNIC. Does one cancel out the other? Do they both compliment one another? What do they have in common?

This comparison is interesting in that above all things, 50 has always represented the true ethos of the “Black Republican” in Hip Hop, coincidently enough him being born on George Bush’s birthday almost made them bedfellows and Curtis has expressed his approval of Dubya’s gangsterism on more than one occasion. He’s even gone as far as to endorse Hillary over Obama. Maybe he knew that the coming of the Age of Obama really means the ending of an era for the Super Thug. Nonetheless, this clip is on point.

Source: SOHH

2 thoughts on “[video] Obama vs. Curtis- Black on Both Sides?

  1. I am a single black male and I must give the utmost respect to all that was involved in making this documentary. I have only seen the short of you all’s work. I am blessed to have lived my life on this Earth with you all being here with me. You all give me the strength to carry on with my goals in life. I want to sincerely thank you all for your courage and artistry for making my life feel worth living again. Grand Master Cleric

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