Comic Book “Preacher” Gets Feature Film Nod

and another one…

via Breitbart

British director Sam Mendes, Oscar-winner for the 1999 hit “American Beauty,” will plunge into the world of fantasy with an adaptation of the comic book “Preacher,” the Hollywood media reported Thursday.

Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to the “Preacher” comics, and has recruited Mendes to make a film version about preacher Jesse Custer, possessed by a supernatural being named Genesis — the son of an angel and the devil.

In the comics Custer crosses the American landscape trying to find God, accompanied by an ex-girlfriend and an alcoholic vampire.

Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Steve Dillon, the “Preacher” series ran for 66 monthly issues in the 1990s.

Mendes is coming off the success of the award-winning 2002 drama “Road to Perdition” and the 2005 Desert Storm war film “Jarhead.”



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