MySpace and Facebook Make Workers More Productive, Study Finds

via Switched

We’ve heard before that letting employees access personal e-mail and other non-work related Web sites can actually be good for productivity. A new study out of British think-tank Demos takes that a step further and suggests that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace might actually be good for business.

The general thrust of the report’s argument is that social networking sites are an indispensable part of relationship building and can help employees connect with clients and coworkers. Peter Bradwell, the author of the report, told Reuters that sites like Facebook can increase workplace efficiency and creativity, but that practical guidelines should be put in place to limit their use in the work place.

Bradwell’s logic seems pretty solid, or would if it wasn’t for the fact that we have a hard time believing employees won’t spend half their time distracted by weepy emo-girls and leaving comments for friends like “OMG! you were so drunk last night!”

Still looking for a way to justify a site like Facebook for business purposes? Check out this list of five Facebook apps for the office. [From: Reuters]

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