[video] Obama’s Half-Hour Special

T.I. needs to take a tip from Obama. The Chicago Senator’s 30-minute special hasn’t even been off of T.V. for an hour and already it is available on YouTube, whereas the internet police are patrolling the web for bad bloggers that are “illegally” posting T.I.’s new video for “Live Your Life.”  Oh, did I mention that the f*cking video is available for embedding over at Worldstar.  Obama will forever be known as both the Hip Hop President and the candidate who revolutionized how you utilize the net as a social tool.  Hip Hop needs to take a note from the Hip Hop Prez on how to run a campaign. 

2 thoughts on “[video] Obama’s Half-Hour Special

  1. I am so excited to witness history in the making. First, I pray that Obama is our next President. Second and just as important, I pray for the health and safety of Barack Obama and his family. Many people are fearful that there will be attempts on his life because of the hatred and bigotry that still exists in this great country. My mom says that Mr. Obama reminds her of President Roosevelt. I find that encouraging, not that President Roosevelt was perfect (no one is) but it was one of President Roosevelt’s programs to provide training for poor teenaged boys that enabled my father to learn many skills and, although he never earned a high salary, he worked every single day, with the respect of his co-workers and supervisors and top management and provided for his family without incurring debt. He believed that everyone should have a decent education and opportunity to succeed regardless of race or religion and I know that he must be looking down from heaven and applauding Mr. Obama. It is evident that Senator Obama is special; I don’t know why he is willing to take on the responsibility of leading this country out of our terrible crisis, but I am grateful that he has the courage to serve. I have never (in my entire life – I’m 60) been so excited about politics. It must be because I believe he will make a difference.

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