Lil Wayne ‘Killed By Fake BBC News Report’

via Street & Industry

Fans of Lil’ Wayne have reacted with outrage after a fake report claiming the US rapper had been shot dead appeared on the internet.The report, disguised to look like an official news story by the BBC, said the rapper had been caught up in gang rivalry following a concert New Orleans.

The fake article claimed Lil’ Wayne he had been shot six times and appealed for potential witnesses.

Last summer Lil’ Wayne was subject to another set of internet reports which claimed his daughter had died in a car accident.

In a statement, the rapper denied the claims, describing them as “completely false and unfounded”.

Last month, the rapper revealed that he plans to re-release his latest album ‘Tha Carter III’ with an entirely new tracklist.

4 thoughts on “Lil Wayne ‘Killed By Fake BBC News Report’

  1. :O I like lil-wayne bt hey I had no idea that he has a daughter
    And If you live in europe, you will never hear false news, so I guess if he is murdered for real, I will know it then 🙂

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