4 Black Marines Suspected in Sergeant’s & Wife Slayings

Source : NBC San Diego, ABC News

This story is very bizarre and sad. You can feel how you want about interracial dating but if what they say is true these Marines need to be prosecuted to the full extent. Is our armed forces craeting uncontrollable monsters that only know how to solve problems through brutal murder?


When Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak was killed by a shot to the back of the head Oct. 15, he was nowhere near a desert battlefield and the killer was not an enemy combatant.

Though court reports point to one shooter, four Marines have been charged in the double homicide — two of whom were under Pietrzak’s command.

Robbery was reportedly the motive for the crime.

Court records indicate four Marines acknowledged they had roles in the robbery, sexual assault and murder of an Camp Pendleton-based Iraq veteran and his wife last month in Riverside County.

Pvt. Kevin Darnell Cox, 20, of Tennessee; Pvt. Emrys John, 18, of Maryland; Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 20, of North Carolina; and Pvt. Kesuan Sykes, 21, of California face murder charges in connection with the case. Court records indicate four Marines acknowledged they had roles in the robbery, sexual assault and murder of an Camp Pendleton-based Iraq veteran and his wife last month in Riverside County.

“To burglarize their home and then to treat them in the way they did before they died and to murder them — it’s hard for our minds to comprehend this kind of savagery,” District Attorney Rod Pacheco told “Good Morning America.”

According to court papers, the three other suspects named 18-year-old Lance Cpl. Emrys John as the shooter.

All four said that 26-year-old Jenkins-Pietrzak was sexually assaulted, but each suspect said the other three did it. Lance Cpl. Kesaun Sykes, 21, reportedly confessed to cutting off her clothes. A fire was set in the home, apparently to destroy evidence of the crime.

Along with John and Sykes, 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller and 20-year-old Pvt. Kevin Cox have been charged with the murders. All of the suspects have pleaded not guilty and are being held without bail. Miller and John worked in Pietrzak’s unit, according to court documents.

Police reportedly found property from the couple’s home in the home of some of the suspects.

While police work to find out what happened, the mothers of the slain newlyweds told “Good Morning America” that they are grappling with questions of their own. The couple had been married less than three months before they were killed.

“How could they?” said Jenkins-Pietrzak’s mother, Glenda Faye Williams-Jenkins. “He was one of their own. He was their brother. … It’s like a nightmare and I haven’t woke up yet.”

“I absolutely don’t understand this,” Pietrzak’s mother, Henryka Pietrzak-Varga, said. “I’m looking for answers and I cannot find them.”

Born in Poland but raised in Brooklyn, Pietrzak enlisted in the Marine Corps after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and became a helicopter mechanic.

Pietrzak’s mother told the Daily News that she had prepared herself “for the possibility that my son could die in Iraq.”

“But to die like this, in their own home?” she said. “They were good kids. They didn’t deserve to die like this.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

14 thoughts on “4 Black Marines Suspected in Sergeant’s & Wife Slayings

  1. There are a lot of good viewpoints on this, and the comments seem to come from a pretty diverse cross section, so I’m going to add to the mix and hopefully my contribution will be positive.

    First, the crime itself is horrendous and the criminals who did it should go down. Exactly what their punishment will be will depend on the jury. When all of the facts are known, it will shed light on the motivation for the crimes and probably give more insight into what went down and why. And these four will go down, probably for life. I was in the Marines and while stationed in Hawaii, some degenerates from my unit murdered another Marine in my unit. Executed him. The victim was Hispanic, but so were two of the killers, so race was not an issue. This crime was just as shocking, just as disgusting, and just as bad all the way around. I personally knew every one of them and the victim was my friend. Juan Guerrero was killed by his own “brothers”, his own “family” of Marines, and these guys are now in Ft Leavenworth Kansas breaking rocks. Juan’s murder and the murder of these two people were under different circumstances and were probably for different reasons, but it makes no difference – justice is supposed to be blind to color, blind to status, to wealth, and to any other factor that may weigh on the conscience of society. Justice is supposed to be the great equalizer, fair to all, regardless of who you are. A crime is a crime, and it makes no difference if the criminals or the victims are black or white. Let’s just hope the court gets this one right.

    The racial element may or may not have played a major factor in their motivation, but they picked him for a reason. I understand that two of the killers worked for the victim. That probably had something to do with it. Maybe these four killers were subpar Marines. That certainly appears to be the case at present. Someone mentioned Al Sharpton, and the comments have been on both sides of the fence. Sure, Al shows up whenever there is a high profile case in which a black person is the victim or is being treated unfairly. Usually it’s because there is injustice, or at least the perception that these people of color will not get a fair shake in court. I am not ignoring that Al seems to like to see himself on TV or that he seems to always do a bit of self-promotion…but overall he is good for all of us. Black people get to see that someone has their best interest in mind, white people get to see that there is at least a little bit of justice in the world, and the media gets to put one of the best heads of hair that the world has ever seen on the 6 o’clock news. Seriously though, Al makes us look at the case on its merit rather than the racial makeup of the parties involved. Sometimes we need that – remember the noise he made in New York when the police opened fire on the man the day he was to be married? Or the Jena 6 (which may be a bad example because I believe those young men were guilty, but they deserved a fair trial nonetheless)? The point is that I see the good side of having Al around. But Al’s presence isn’t needed here – yet – because it doesn’t look like this is going to be a case of anyone getting railroaded or having their rights violated.

    I’ve agreed with most of what I’ve read in the comments section so far on this and a couple of other sites. There is one thing that bothers me, however. A lot of readers seem to feel that they have the right to pass judgment on not only the killers, but also on their families. Comments about the parents, how they’ve raised these monsters, and hints (some not so subtle) that the parents are to blame. Let’s grow up people. Four idiots commit a horrific crime and the parents are to blame?!? Why not blame society? How about the recession? Maybe these four puritans were just depressed over their post-military job prospects in a down economy. No. These four were driven by evil, perhaps jealousy, and in an almost Biblical sense they will reap what was sown.

  2. The race of these 4 defendants does not matter as the worms will feast on their bodies. Lethal injection is too good for them and I believe they should be hanged to the point of near death only to be revived to go through the same process again and again.

    Semper Fi


  4. No one “knows” one way or the other if this was racially motivated. The point is that when a white on black incident occurs there is a rush to judgement that it was a hate crime. Sharpton, Jesse, liberal media et al demand the situation be labeled as such before all facts are in. So why does the media; police et al downplay racial motivation in black on white incidents? The police have issued a statement that after “investigation” the incident was “not” racially motivated. Hmmm, that was awful quick, I wonder how diligently they even investigated, if the situation were reversed and they had Sharpton and the media breathing down their necks demanding they find racial bias I wonder what they would have come up with. Considering they were whitewashing any possible racial motivation from the get go (releasing preliminary statements it was “financialy motivated” before facts were in) I am very suspicious of the “investigation”.

    I’m glad that someone brought up the Duke incident, even assuming the accusations against the white males in this case was true, the amount of media attention this much less serious crime received was vastly greater than this one received. Why was that? Duh. Because it was a white on black crime! It’s safe to for the media to put these stories on heavy rotation because they don’t get hammered by the NAACP, liberals and black idealogues with accusations of racial bias.

    Remember the New York park attacks? The wilding attacks? Police PR; feminists; media representaties were quick to announce these incidents had “nothing” to do with race. How did they know that? Truth is, they didn’t, they were doing damage control to fend of possible accusations of racial bias being directed toward themselves. This occurs virtually every time an incident occurs in which all the attackers are black and all the victims are white.

    More perceptive people notice the pattern of racial bias in these stories. Black men are not capable of racialy biased crimes and alwasy assumed to be innocent from the beginning. White men on the other hand are assumed to be guilty from the beginning.

    To that poster that declared these guys couldn’t be guilty of racial bias because they had engaged in interracial relationships themselves – Are you really that stupid? They could still hate white men dating black women even if they date white women themselves. That double standard is prevalent among the black male community. If you want to absolve them of any possible racial bias you better come up with something better.

    Imagine the 4 perps were white men and the victims were a black male/white female couple. All of those people who insist they know this wasn’t racially motivated would be quick to jump on the bandwagon of racial bias. Yet when the situation is reversed they join conspiracy to whitewash.

  5. Just because the perps were dating others “interracially doesn’t mean this ain’t race hate. They “weren’t good enough for the girl.” Envious of the white dude, they raped her to show her and him “who da man.” If the authorities are alleging “racial motive,” it is likely because of this scenario. Makes sense, and is probably true. White dude “one-upped-em.” This is the horrible inevitable results of their sickness.

  6. The same brainwashed Americans who voted obama in for “racial justice” are refusing to recognize that this is a racist crime. 96% of African Americans voted for Obama even though they admit not agreeing with him on most issues. The well trained self hating whites voted for him in droves. While this crime is buried as the Duke rape case was played up when it turned out to be a lie. Throw in the madness of Tiger Woods and Oprah worship and we truly have national mental illness. I have seen this madness in New York and even texas.

  7. It is possible that this is racially motivated, very possible. I have served with the Marines for sometime and there is still of racial tension, mostly due to stereotypes and so called racial pride. Also the Marine Corps culture breeds a pack like mentality, so even if one of these troubled souls did not even want to be involved the crime he would give in to peer pressure. This is due to him wanting to be respected as part of the group, and to maintain his so called pride. Lord rest those two innocent victims, revenge is the LORD’s.

  8. Why does it matter what color of skin?? I can’t believe this happen and it makes me nervous since my husband is a marine. Why do other marine’s want to hurt other marine’s it doesn’t make since!!! I am disgusted with these four men! They had no reason for doing what they did.

  9. Corrections are in order: “As YOU speak in such absolute and self-assured terms,…” “…towards people involved IN interracial relationships…” Sorry.

    As I research this issue on the web, it appears that there are lots of folks who are desperate to avoid the reasonable consideration of murder motivated by racial hate. Why the lack of intellectual curiosity? Why the factual deficient conjecture?

    Once again, P.C. intrudes upon common sense and intellectual integrity.

  10. “You know you should really check your facts before you start ranting about something you have no clue about. This was not a racially motivated crime.”

    O.K., Inspector Clouseau, what’s your theory? As so speak in such absolute and self-assured terms, you no doubt know exactly how this went down, and most importantly, why. Or, perhaps, you are merely expressing your under-informed, over-reactive, opinion.

    I dare to say that race is a possible motive in this crime, as I have seen no information that excludes that possibility. Have you?

    Finally, please direct me to the study that shows that people of mixed race heritage never display hostility or hatred towards people involved interracial relationships. Let me know how your research progresses.

  11. You know you should really check your facts before you start ranting about something you have no clue about. This was not a racially motivated crime. How dare you say that these people were killed because of interracial dating! One of those boys is mixed. So you’re saying that he hates his parents and his siblings and himself. Are you shittin me? Yes this was a terrible tragedy, don’t get me wrong I feel for all the families involved but let’s not spread lies and hurt more innocent people. or is it that you are the one with the problem with interracial dating??

  12. This is not a hate crime. Its a sick crime. Like attracts like. These sick minds found one another in the military and acted on their feelings. I have met one of these killers personally had no idea he was capable of such things. As I have researched this case for understanding, I have found that these sick souls have been on this path for sometime. It makes no sense why they chose to kill. This is not race crime. They dated women of other nationalities. They appear to be working with authorities and let’s wait for all the pieces to come together. As with you all, I send my condolences and wish this never had to happen. The family of the killers are also suffering. They raised these boys and had high hopes for them. I can only imagine the damage this has taken on their families as well. No one wants to be a parent of a killer and no one wants to be a parent of the deceased. I will never understand. Never understand.

  13. Where is the US Marine Corp/DoD/Pentagon response to this? None of the media networks have mentioned an update or discussed this terrible issue any further. Instead, they are too busy trying to figure what dog the Obama’s should pick. This horrific event will shed light on the issue of recruiting and maintaining heroes in the Armed Forces, and having to settle for disturbed individuals, hoping they will get with the program or ‘come around’. My prayer are with the individuals souls and their families.

  14. The media says the motivation was ‘robbery.’ Everyone knows military families are not rich. Other media outlets have even stated they just purchased a house and didn’t have much money at all. And even if it was robbery, why did they have to torture them? This is obviously a hate crime.

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