[video] Lupe Says Obama’s Acceptance Speech Didn’t Move Him

Look, Lupe will always be known for his outlandish statements, even more so for his music. So, before I make a judgment call I want y’all to chime in on these statements and tell me if they hold any validity. Did Obama give a flat acceptance speech? Do you honestly feel like Jesse Jackson’s tears were joyful tears for King’s Dream and Malcolm’s struggle? Is Lupe f*cking buggin?

12 thoughts on “[video] Lupe Says Obama’s Acceptance Speech Didn’t Move Him

  1. waaaaaaaaaaatever! it is more wat does this mean than wat lupe’s opinion is! he has the right to his opinion… however for me it was inspiring just seeing wat i saw on the screen…. there could have been total silence …. and i WAS MOVED! who needed a speech at that point? the fact of who i saw with the title President woved me deeper than anything audible would or ever has.

  2. Although Mr. Obama’s win was a victory for Black people, our votes alone did not elect him. Mr. Obama far exceeds just being a “Black American”, he is an American that happens to be Black, and he is a unique man that understands we live in a global society. He doesn’t have to address my specific needs– He is very aware of them. I say to the immature– “GROW UP”.

  3. i do agree that Obama could have went harder, but you could look at him and see how tired he was. i think that the overwhelming crowd and support, his family and losing his grandmother, the world tour, everything weighed in on that moment. but also, i think obama freestyled on the speech and went willy nilly. but it could also be that he didn’t think it would happen now its time to put theory to practical application. as the Chicago Reader said on their front cover, “don’t screw this up!”

  4. I have to say that his speech was appropriate for the event – his acceptance of the office of President of the United States. We (as Americans) keep placing the ethnicity factor on Barack Obama, but honestly he is just as much white as he is black. Why do we keep asking him to deny a piece of who he was raised to be, to gratify our belief in his capabilities as president. I for one, am grateful that he did not play the race card through out the election, but I am encouraged that if anyone in the oval office can (and would be willing to) begin the dialogue across ethnicities about the importance of healing the race relations in this country, it is Barack Obama. Our struggle as black people in this country will definitely not end because we now have a president that many Americans now consider only black – not biracial, not mixed – he is viewed as a black man. Our task is to continue to support him as our leader and be ready for the scrutiny that is sure to come now that he is in this position of power.
    As a black woman, I am encouraged because my sons will never have limitations on them – from this day forward. They will believe me when I say you can be anything you want to be. My grandmother and her sister came from a small racist town in Texas, so for them to be the last living elders to witness history, it was another blessing. I too, walk with my head a little higher than I did prior to 11.4.08. But I also do so with the knowledge that we as a people have a long way to go to heal our internal race issues, before we are able to discuss racism openly and honestly with other ethnicities.
    And based on the comments he made a few months ago, I believe Jesse Jackson was crying more so that he would not be able to do what Barack Obama did Tuesday night. It is unfortuante that I am even able to speculate that kind of hater-attitude on one of our leaders, but he showed hi crab in a barrel tendencies when he spoke on CNN (knowing full well his mic was on).

  5. I don’t agree or disagree about the speech. It was what it was. The fact that “we” as a people have come this far is the reason that most people were shedding tears. We were brought over here on slave ships, we have everything from property to 3/5 of a man. We had to jump through loops to earn the right to vote. Our struggle is unlike any other group of people. I mean our struggle is so bad that we still have biological scars from being “bred.” (The reason most African Americans have Hypertension {High Blood Pressure}) is because the only slaves to survive the middle passage had hypertension and their bodies could hold enough sodium for them to make the journey.

    I digress, we’ve been everything you could possibly be in this place we now call home. And now we can say that A black man is president. That makes me smile from ear to ear and walk with my head held just a little higher because no one can tell me that there is a limit to my (our) potential anymore. We are the leaders of the new world and we must take advantage of that.

  6. I don’t feel him on this but I do respect his right to voice his opinion. While, this is a moment to rejoice in the victory of vindication, we must also remember he is a president for all of America. While he is a president of our ethnicity, we cannot afford to disillusion the remaining cultures with the idea that he is only here for us. We have reach another rung on the ladder but we are not at the top of the ladder. This brother is going to need all of our help to catapult him to the level of great leader. He cannot solve the problems of the world in a day and he cannot do it by himself. As we discuss his accomplishment and failures on a daily basis, let’s keep in mind that this situation has been about the color of a man’s skin for too long and concentrate on refocusing our attention to the betterment of our country for everyone based on the contributions of everyone. The “Dream” was about Equality and Justice. I think he is focused on what legacy we can opportune our children to leave moreso than the celebration of affirmation that we are capable of conquering a world that excluded us based on their racist views – LET THE HEALING BEGIN – and the first step of all healing is forgiveness – LIVE

  7. Whatever. People we need to realize that this moment isn’t just about us. Its about EVERYONE. Not only that its time that we take steps getting to a point of “I’m an American – who happen’s to be Black”.

    I’m not saying race relations are going to improve overnight, but damn we need to make aggressive steps to getting this chip off of our shoulders and making the other accept us as their equals. Once WE stop seeing the color as a hinderance… so will they.

  8. Look, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially in this political process. So I respect the opinion of the borther Lupe, but I don’t have to agree. People we must realize that this accoomplishment for this man has yet to sink in even for him. No- his speach wasn’t so much of a ‘it made me cry, or gave me chills’ kind of a speech, but look black people we’ve already had our ‘I Have Dream Speech(es)’…every black person, rather male or female that reaches the (mountain) top is not going to have that revelation, and not saying that in a bad way. We must respect people where they are and at the time that they are there. When MLK, Jr. gave his speech it was for that time and place and evidently will continue beyond. President Obama is not Dr. King, so look at him for who he is, and not for what you would like him to be. He’s apart of the ‘The Dream.’

  9. i agree to a certain degree. The speech was so-so, but to mention anything about the history of our (the black) community would put doubt in the minds of the people. He ran this race without using the “I’m Black” card, he just kept to that strategy…..He indeed needed to “Dumb it Down” (lol) to keep the faith of everyone like KwaMega said.

  10. Word up! I feel Lup on this one, it should have been stronger in regards to his statesments about the struggle it took collectively for original people ascend to the highist office in the land, however, at the same time it’s politics and Barack has to play the line. We don’t want these white folk to go crazy thinking he’s going to get flash backs of slavery and take away all rights for white americans. Ha ha just joking. But Obama is a chess wizard and is playing his cards right. So Lup my dude, I feel you but Barack had to water it down to keep the faith of everyone.

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