[video] Is Baby from Cash Money Gay?

Damn, dogs I got this from Illseed’s blog. Now much has been said about the shenanigans over at Cash Money with Baby at the wheel. Never one to jump to speculation, STREET KNOWLEDGE stays out of these arguments, but when a dude is on tape talking about he “f*cks with n*ggas too” then that leaves little to the mind. If you look at the Hot Boyz faces, they clearly looked embarrassed, and Lil’ Weezy looked extra uncomfortable. I wonder if these is where the cracks came into play that ultimately lead to the downfall of Cash Money’s roster. 

3 thoughts on “[video] Is Baby from Cash Money Gay?

  1. Dayum. That’s um … disturbing. If this is true, that adds a whole new dimension to him and Weezy kissing.

    To end this on a good note, the chick in the silver pants definitely has nice ass.

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