6 thoughts on “LMAO! Obama Dildo’s Hit the Market

  1. No Liberal should get their panties in a twist over this. Need I remind you of the porno titled “Nailin’ Palin” ?? With a Sarah Palin look a like.

    Turn about is fair play…so brace yourself for it, cuz God knows you guys dished it out like mutha fucka’s .

  2. It would be an uphill battle trademarking anyone’s likeness, without their permission. At least, according to this, you need to have the person’s consent to get a trademark for their name or likeness.

  3. Barack Obama is a public figure…as such, one must prove that the person who created this dildo did so with actual malice towards Mr.Obama and that a harm to him occured. That is a tough standard to prove and there really isn’t any harm here…soooo he really has a very weak claim. Btw, people can not get a trademark on their likeness…it’s pretty much inherent in thier celebrity. However that would be a claim for infringment upon name and likeness.

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