Arianna Huffington : “I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”

Source: TimesOnline

Wow. It is really great to have friends in high places. Arianna Huffington has just got 15 million dollars in new funding for the Huffington Post and has even declared ““I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.” Read the full story below:

picture-5She is a close friend of Barack Obama, the President-elect – who, with Hillary Clinton, has posted on her site – and, at a dinner in London on Wednesday night, joked: “I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”

Ms Huffington launched HuffPo, which has about 2.5 million bloggers contributing to it regularly, in May 2005 with $2 million of seed capital. She then raised $5 million in August 2006 from venture capital firms including SoftBank Capital and Greycroft Partners, as well as individuals such as Bob Pittman, the former AOL executive. In a second round of fundraising in September 2007, HuffPo raised a further $5 million.

Ms Huffington, 58, the daughter of a Greek newspaperman, has been turning heads ever since she arrived at Cambridge University in the late 1960s. Then called Arianna Stassinopoulos, she became the first foreigner – and only the third woman – to be president of the Cambridge Union debating society. A lengthy affair with the journalist Bernard Levin raised her profile farther. During their eight years together she wrote three bestselling biographies, including works on Pablo Picasso and Maria Callas, before moving to the US in 1980.

There, she met and married Michael Huffington, the oil billionaire, becoming one of Manhattan’s leading socialites and a champion of the Republican revolution led by Newt Gingrich, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her marriage ended in 1994.

The launch of HuffPo came after Ms Huffington had spent a decade of campaigning for causes such as opposition to the Iraq War, concluding a remarkable political journey from right to left.

7 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington : “I only text three people – my two teenage children and Barack Obama.”

  1. Well he had enough money to spend 28 million dollars on a campaign so he obviously had a ton of money to blow so if he was not a billionaire he was sure closer than 99 % of this country.

  2. Nice fact-checking… Michael Huffington was NOT a billionaire but a millionaire who spent a third of his fortune losing a Senate race to Dianne Feinstein. Then he came out in 1996 and gave another third to his wife. Their marriange ended in 1997.

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  4. The “criminals” Ann mentions are usually “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (very convincing counterfeits) UNTIL their disguise carries them to power & prestige. Unfortunately, they “hide”, not just in Congress, but in just about every organization,
    political or otherwise, even the presidency. There was probably never a president more corrupt morally than Bill Clinton (Read My FBI by his own Director, Louis Freeh, who reveals the subtle depth of his “criminal” activities as President: before leaving office, he SECRETELY pardoned numerous criminals from prison… including one of the worst ones in American history who “deserved” to serve THREE lifetimes in prison!!!)The bailout fiasco (for those who aren’t students of history) began with FDR
    (Democrat) & was perpetuated by two other Democratic presidents, Lyndon Johnson & Bill Clinton. The Republicans are on record for
    OPPOSING these deadbeat mortgages to low-income, no-income (no jobs)people who couldn’t pay them back. These presidents promoted banking practices that would have been considered financially insane by previous generations.
    When Ann voted for Barack Obama, I’m sorry the socialistic news media never reported that 1) There’s no proof he was born in America; 2) On YOUTUBE he talked about his “Muslim faith” &
    accordiing to “America, Oil & the Islamic Mind” (by a PhD) the
    Muslims (Middle East) plans to cripple American economy thru oil; 3)Obama contribute OVER ONE MILLION dollars to his cousin in KENYA (where Obama was born) who ran for president & threatened repercussions if he didn’t win…when he didn’t the Muslims burned (not one Mosque but) over 800 Christian churches & over 1000 BLACK Christians died as a result; 4) Dr. Noah Hutchings said he personally heard Quaddafi speaking from Libya saying that Obama’s “Christian religion” was “a front to fool Christians”; 5) I personally heard Obama’s pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, ranting “God damn America”. Obama will not pledge allegiance to the flag; will NOT support our right to bear arms; will NOT stop mocking the Bible; will NOT denounce
    same sex marriages; will NOT admit his many UNAmerican ties, & will NOT release the source of his 400 million dollars of campaign contributions( oil rich Middle eastern terrorist Muslim countries which are killing Christians all over the world according to Voice of the Martyrs.) These Middle East terrorist nations are overjoyed that he has been elected. We will (hopefully) have a couple of good years before his mask comes off and the wolf is exposed. By then our national sovereignty will be a thing of the past along with national elections.
    His plans & his personality closely resemble Hitler’s. I beleive he will be the final president to catapult America into the New World Order which will be headed up by the antiChrist predicted throughout the Bible to be revealed AFTER the true (not counterfeit)Christians are raptured prior to the Tribulation.

  5. This destruction all started with the clintons, who pushed to make everyone a home owner, including those with no down payment, bad credit and no job. This destroyed my neighborhood! If banks did not give out loans – they were cited for descrimination. Wholesale fraud opened up due to government interference. And on top of this misinformation to the public has the public and the socialist media crying for more government meddling. We will lose all our freedoms and George Orwell,s 1984 will be upon us. One world government with George Soros and his like calling the shots!

  6. I’m glad Ms. Huffington can text Obama. Too bad the rest of us (millions) who were instrumental in electing him to office don’t have that privilege. I hope this ‘new’ Administration for Change that I was instrumental in electing doesn’t forget who the ‘real’ folk are in this country. And, I’ll give you one guess it’s not the rich Oprah’s, Huffington’s and Auto CEO’s.
    We need to rise up in this country and raise some ever loving H*LL.
    The Criminals in Congress who allowed the failure of the financial system should be stoned in the public square. I’ll throw the first rock

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